Gwydir Reservoirs

Making sure the reservoirs remain safe in the long-term

We are starting work to make sure that four reservoirs in the Gwydir Forest near Betws y Coed remain safe in the long-term.

You can see the latest updates on our work.

The reservoirs are:

This Plan shows the location of the four reservoirs and the works include:-

  • Strengthening embankments
  • Constructing new spillways
  • Improving access to the reservoirs

This is part of our work to regulate reservoirs under the Reservoirs Act 1975 and is part of a wider programme of reservoir safety work across Wales.

The Gwydir reservoirs are regularly inspected to make sure they remain safe. At the last inspection, some points were raised over the adequacy of the reservoirs to withstand extreme events.

Whilst there are no immediate concerns, we are looking at ways of ensuring the long-term integrity of the structures.

Work will be phased across the sites to minimise disruption to landowners, local people and recreational users of the forest.

We are fully aware of the environmentally sensitive nature of the areas and all works will be undertaken in a way that is sympathetic to and, where possible, enhances the natural environment.

We will provide regular updates on the work on this website.

If you have any further enquiries at this stage, please let us know by emailing