Latest news on St Asaph flood scheme – June 2019

Over 400 properties now have an increased standard of protection from flooding by the River Elwy.

Construction of the St Asaph flood risk management scheme, including the installation of the new Spring Gardens bridge, was opened by Environment Minister Hannah Blythyn A.M. in July 2018.

NRW are monitoring the works to make sure that everything works as planned. We are making sure that the flood embankments develop a good cover of grass and will be undertaking maintenance work as required.

We will re-visit some sections of the flood scheme works over the next few months to undertake minor repairs. We will try to minimise impact on the public during these works.

A specialist landscaping contractor is monitoring and maintaining the trees and shrubs planted in mitigation for those lost as part of the project. Some small sections of additional planting are still to take place.

Denbighshire County Council will be undertaking their Glascoed works later in 2019 and this will tie in with the works that we undertook as part of our scheme.

If there are any queries please contact James Williams of our Asset System Management team on 0300 065 3911

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