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Crindau Flood Risk Management Scheme

Reducing flood risk in Newport

crindau flood alleviation


The Crindau area of Newport has a long history of tidal flooding and the existing tidal defences at Crindau are in a very poor condition, offering a level of protection for approximately a 1 in 10 year flood event. As a result, 667 properties are estimated to be at risk of flooding from a 1 in 200 year tidal flood event.

The strategic objective of the Crindau Flood Risk Management Scheme is to reduce this flood risk. In 2013-2014 Natural Resources Wales (NRW) submitted a business case to secure funding for the scheme. We were successful in this and are now progressing with the detailed design, landowner negotiations and planning application.

Latest news

Phase 2 Pre-construction development August 2018 – September 2019

We have been working hard with landowners, architects and planners to finalise our plans to reduce the risk to three remaining areas of the scheme.

September 2019 – March 2020

Our flood scheme works have been completed at the top end of the scheme near Waterside Court. Landscaping works will be completed in the spring which involves placing top soil and grass seeding the area.

The National Cycle Network Route 88 remained open during these works. Thank-you cyclists for taking care when using the diversion path.

March 2020 – Autumn 2020

Works will shortly start on the demolition of the former National Plastics building by Lyne Road bridge and the Former Magnum Scaffolding buildings along Adelaide Street.

Griffiths Contractors have been awarded the contract and will soon be securing the site with fencing. This will mean a section of footpath will be closed along Albany Street and Adelaide Street. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but public safety is our priority.

Griffiths Contractors will be delivering a letter to those residents and businesses located near to the site.

Griffiths Contractors main site compound will be next door to W Harold John (Metals) Ltd on Adelaide Street however they will also use the main entrance to the former Magnum Scaffolding Yard so please keep vigilant when driving and walking by this area.

As soon as the buildings are demolished, works will start on constructing the flood defence. Long (12m) steel sheet piles will be driven into the ground by machine.
In order to complete the works near the bridge, it is necessary to close the road for a short period of time. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience, but public safety is our priority.

On top of the flood defence will be a concrete beam so that in the future the defence can be increased in height to accommodate for climate change.

The last section of works to be completed will be a small landscaped area near the bridge. It will be grassed, and three trees will be planted.

July 2018 - Completion of Phase 1

Phase 1 of the scheme included constructing flood walls behind the industrial properties to the north of Lyne Road Bridge, and a new embankment through Shaftesbury Park.

The new embankment includes seated terraces overlooking the playing field to enhance this local amenity, and a new footpath and cycleway now run through the entire park.

The old garages along Pugsley Street have also been demolished and a new earth embankment runs through the former Sainsbury’s site.


You can read our press release for more information.

August to October 2017 

Completed Works 

All of the piling works (interlocking sections of steel that make a long wall) have been completed.

All of the petrol interceptors have now been installed and finally all the services have been realigned in Lyne Road Bridge footways. The old parapet (side) walls of the bridge have been demolished and rebuilt to make them stronger. They are presently being clad with a locally sourced pennant stone. 

Current work in Progress 

Over 70% of the steel reinforced concrete capping beam (the concrete section on top of the steel sheet piled wall) is now completed. Extensive temporary works have been needed to construct this concrete beam. A working platform needed to be built, so the operatives could work safely to build the framework for the beam. This is a time-consuming process. 

Shaftesbury Park

Good progress is being made on the construction of the flood embankment through the park.  The main body of embankment has been completed, topsoil and seeding will be completed shortly.   Progress has been made on the footpaths and seated terrace. 

At times we have had to close the park for your own safety, we apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

May 2017 - July 2017

Over 80% of the piling works has been completed. The piling rig is currently working behind Harlequin Trading Estate.

Concrete foundations for the walls have been completed along Lyne Road opposite McDonalds.

We have installed 60% of the drainage works, (installation of permanent petrol interceptors and chambers to prevent pollution to the river)

Preparation works have started in Shaftesbury Park. Some of the soil for the embankment through the park has been bought to site and is being stored until we are ready to start the works in August.

Works are continuing on the foundations of the wall in front of Waterside court offices.

Works are on-going at Lyne Road bridge – see section below for more details.

March 2017 to May 2017

Over 60% of the piling works (interlocking sections of steel that make a long wall) have been completed. The piling rig has completed the installation of piles to Albany Trading Estate and has now moved to RJ Mason’s Lorry Park to continue works.

Piling works have been completed at the Multi Use Games Area, Pugsley Street Allotments, Shaftesbury Park children’s play area, Shaftesbury Park Lodge, Lyne Road opposite MacDonald’s and from Galliford Try main site offices to Albany Trading Estate.

We are carrying out the remaining “proof digging”. We dig along the line where the piles will be installed and remove any obstructions (such as bricks, concrete blocks) we find.

We are progressing with preparations for the concrete ground beams and walls to be built in the Multi Use Games Area and allotments on Pugsley Street.

Drainage works have commenced with the installation of permanent petrol interceptors and chambers to prevent pollution to the river.

Lyne Road Closure

The original plan was to close Lyne Road Bridge for 8 weeks in order to prepare for sheet piling and investigation works, re-open for a few weeks, and then close it again to carry out service diversion works (gas, electricity, water, virgin media, BT), and upgrade the walls which form part of the flood scheme. Unfortunately, we have been unable to re-open the bridge due to the following reasons;

  1. The bridge is an old structure and we needed to carry out investigations on its condition before we could carry out our works. This ensures that the bridge will cope with being upgraded to be part of the flood scheme; 
  2. We identified that one of the bridge walls was not safe and needed to be reduced in height before we could start the service diversion works;
  3. We have come across additional services present in the footpaths that were not on the plans provided to us by the service providers. These services have not been easy to identify and we have not known if they are “live”. We have had to wait until each service provider has come to site to see if the service is theirs and discuss a way forward;
  4. Some of the services are in poor condition and need to be replaced;
  5. Some additional services need to be diverted;
  6. Due to the ground conditions on the former Coronation Club and St Johns, our sheet piles have not embedded into the ground as deep as we had hoped. Further investigations were required to develop a way forward

We have been working closely with, Newport City Council and the service providers to try and overcome these issues as quickly as possible. We will also be carrying out some weekend work to reduce delay. Public and workforce safety will remain our top priority whilst we undertake these works.

We are carrying out some of the preparatory works on behalf of the service providers to try and speed up the work and reduce the amount of time the bridge needs to be closed. We expect the works to be complete by the 3rd of November 2017 if no other issues arise. Due to the closure requirements, fully signed diversion routes will continue to be provided. We are aware of cars taking short cuts under the fly-over and have reported this to the local police.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you wish to speak to someone about this or anything else to do with the project, please contact Melissa Mahavar-Snow or Gino Salvatore on the numbers in the Contact section below.

Newport City Council – Cycleway improvement works 

Newport City Council are improving the cycle ways in the area. Alun Griffiths is the contractor carrying out this work.  We have agreed with the Council that our contractor (Galliford Try) will carry out the works on the Bridge since we are already working here. Unfortunately this will mean the road will be closed until 17 November 2017.

Community Engagement

We have been liaising with David Rice founder of Shaftesbury Events. Together we have been looking at opportunities to support Shaftesbury Community Centre’s aspirations to brighten up the area by installing raised flower beds.

We have agreed to support David and the Community Centre by helping with the flower bed design and drawings that are required for Council approval.

A big thank you to Reseiclo, a local Social Enterprise (not-for-profit company) who have agreed to supply wood for the flower beds and we will help with the install once all approvals are in place.

Stand down mornings have been undertaken by the construction team to undertake litter picking in and around the works and carry out general clean-ups. We regularly collect and remove hypodermic syringes from various locations around the perimeter of the working site.

We are continuing with onsite noise and vibration monitoring and temporary wooden fencing and acoustic blankets have been erected to reduce noise from the work. 

December 2016 to February 2017

Galliford Try have continued with their enabling works. The derelict part (toilet block) of the Shaftesbury Park changing rooms has been demolished along with St Johns Ambulance garage.

Galliford Try have prepared the stretch of land behind W Harold John (Metal) Ltd, Industrial Doors ready for the sheet piling (interlocking sections of steel that make a long wall) then piling will move to south of Lyne Road Bridge and Shaftesbury Park.

The following areas are currently being prepared and secured for piling:

  • Shaftesbury Park children’s play area and MUGA- temporary fencing will be erected around these areas and they will be closed to the public, reopening when works are complete
  • Shaftesbury Park entrances – the footpath from McDonalds into Shaftesbury Park will be closed until further notice. An alternative temporary diversion route will be provided. The access on the corner of Pugsley Street will be closed during the works. Local notices will advise of alternative entrances
  • Shaftesbury Park changing rooms – access will be maintained to the changing rooms for all football games
  • Allotments, Pugsley Street – the wall foundations here require excavating. The concrete footpath within the allotment will be temporarily closed. Footpath to the rear of the allotments – this will remain closed

November 2016

Galliford Try and their sub-contractors are starting work on site. They will begin with vegetation clearance and tree felling where necessary, under the watching brief of an ecologist. They will also be carrying out surveys and soil testing to help with the main works.

Bird and bat boxes have been put up on trees in Shaftesbury Park to provide replacement nesting and roosting sites.

Vegetation clearance will be taking place around the Pugsley Street allotments and next to the play park from 21 November. Due to Health and Safety reasons, the Play Park area will be closed from Tuesday 22 November and re-open on Friday 25 November. The Multi Use Games area will be closed from Tuesday 22 November and re-open on Tuesday 29 November.

September 2016

Galliford Try have started setting up their compound next door to Harold John Ltd – Adelaide Street.

We hosted a successful drop in event at the Shaftesbury Community Centre on 19 September 2016. Galliford Try were there to answer any queries people had about the construction of the scheme.

July 2016

Pre-construction works are ongoing with Wales and West carrying out essential maintenance works on Lyne Road bridge. It is expected the road will reopen again in August. The flood scheme also benefits from these works.

We have awarded the construction contract to Galliford Try.  Galliford Try has to discharge several planning conditions before they can start works on the ground.

Galliford Try will install sheet piling north of the Lyne Road bridge and concurrently construct earth embankments and flood walls south of the bridge. 

Who else have we been talking to?

We have been consulting with many organization including, Newport City Council, Cadw, Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust (GGAT), Sustrans, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Gwent Bat Group, Gwent Wildlife Trust, Monmouthshire Brecon and Abergavenny Canals Trust, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water and all affected landowners.

Key Dates

  • 1 March 2017 – Start of sheet piling


We met parents and carers at Crindau Primary School on parents evening on 15 February 2017.

For further detailed information on this scheme, please see our parish boards located opposite Lifestyle shop and outside Shaftesbury Community Centre.

Working with the Community

NRW and Galliford Try are committed to working closely with the local community and providing additional benefits through this scheme. We are keeping people up to date with progress and have delivered letters to all local residents and we have improved the outdoor reading area at Crindau Primary School by providing tree stumps and logs for seats. We have also cleared the path to their forest school area. At the allotments on Pugsley Street we provided mulch from our site vegetation and tree removal operations.

We are also supporting a raised flower bed project outside Shaftesbury Community Centre.

If you are a local charity or just trying to do something positive for your community let us know about it and we may be able to help you achieve your goal!

Please contact Gino Salvatore if you would like to discuss anything relating to the community or construction activities. Details at the bottom of the page.


The proposed NRW scheme will be constructed between the M4 motorway and the London to Cardiff railway line, along the west bank of the River Usk and the lower end of Crindau. The scheme will be made up of multiple components, including walls, embankments and ground raising.

Following careful consideration of the feasibility, costs, benefits and impacts, the preferred option is to construct the new defences to provide protection against a 1 in 200 year event, including an allowance for effects of climate change over the next 50 years. The design will also be adaptive for further climate change, so it can be ‘topped up’ in the future if required.

Read the flood scheme boards for more information.


For more information please contact Melissa Mahavar-Snow (Project Manager) on 0300 065 4369 or

Natural Resource Wales
Ty Cambria,
29 Newport Road,
Cardiff, CF24 0TP

For any construction works queries or concerns, please contact:

Gino Salvatore 07918 640481,
Milwyn Jones 07918 640168

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