People and Renumeration Committee (PaRC) - Specific terms of reference


The People and Remuneration Committee (PaRC) is a standing committee that considers matters relating to people management, reward, strategic organisational development and organisational change on behalf of the NRW Board. 


The PaRC has oversight of the pay and conditions of employment of the most senior staff, and overall pay strategy for all staff employed by NRW, pension scheme provision, wellbeing, health and safety, equality and diversity and development of the Welsh Language. 

The PaRC advises on strategic organisational development, ensuring there is a clear strategy in place, effective and affordable organisation design and effective management of major change initiatives, with the intention of ensuring a well-motivated, high performing and innovative workforce.

The PaRC also oversees the embedding of excellence in customer care on behalf of the Board, as a key component of organisational culture. 


The PaRC has the following responsibilities for reward, to: 

  • oversee the overall reward strategy, job evaluation scheme and terms and conditions for all staff employed by NRW;
  • determine the overall pay strategy for the Chief Executive and the Executive Team;
  • review performance against objectives for the Chief Executive, together with the Chief Executive’s assessment of the Executive Team’s performance;
  • approve any annual pay awards and salary for the Chief Executive, following advice from the Chair of the Board;
  • approve any annual pay awards for members of the Executive team, who are outside NRW collective bargaining arrangements.


  • provide assurance to the Board that NRW’s people policies and conditions of employment are in line with relevant guidance issued by the Welsh Government, HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office as appropriate.

Talent and Succession:

  • review Executive Department succession planning and related organisational resilience issues, including training and development;
  • oversee the Executive Team structure and recruitment to this team.


  • oversee the strategy of pension provision in relation to staff benefits and administration.
  • delegate responsibility from the NRW Board in respect of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Discretionary Policy Statement - for consideration and approval of matters relating to employer discretions under LGPS regulation.

Exit Arrangements:

  • consider and ratify Executive Team exit applications and severance payments;
  • review exit arrangements for all other staff, including monitoring severance payments and providing assurance and compliance as laid down in the relevant guidance.

Wellbeing, health and safety:

  • provide scrutiny and give assurance to the Board that effective strategy, plans and policies are in place;
  • review key risks and monitor wellbeing, health and safety to ensure effective management by the Executive, reporting to the Board on any significant issues.

Welsh language:

  • provide assurance to the Board that the organisation is pursuing its ambitions towards becoming a bi-lingual organisation;
  • consider the Commissioner’s requirements and the Executive’s plans and responses.

Equality and Diversity:

  • provide assurance to the Board that the organisation is pursuing its ambitions towards becoming an inclusive organisation;
  • consider the Commissioner’s requirements and the Executive’s plans and responses.

Customer Care:

  • provide assurance to the Board that the organisation is embedding a culture of excellence in customer care.

Organisational Development:

  • oversee NRW’s Strategy to develop the organisation, its teams and people to ensure clarity of purpose, effective leadership and cultural change, and report to the Board on progress;
  • as part of the strategy implementation, to:
  • review feedback from staff, including staff surveys and the Executive’s actions and progress;
  • advise on the development of a strategic workforce plan;
  • provide advice on cultural change, leadership development, organisational design and strategic change;
  • oversee organisation-wide change, scrutinise plans, risks and progress;
  • monitor and review delivery and benefits of key business cases and the benefits realisation plan as part of post-vesting evaluation. 


  • consider any other matters relating to reward, terms and conditions and people management referred to the PaRC by the NRW Chair or the Board;
  • ensure NRW’s Safeguarding Policy, to protect children and vulnerable adults, is fit for purpose. 


The PaRC will normally meet quarterly.

The Chair of the Board or Chief Executive/Accounting Officer may ask the PaRC to convene further meetings to discuss issues where the PaRC’s advice is desirable.

Terms of Reference agreed: Sept 2021

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