Uskmouth Power Station - Application to change environmental permit


Application reference: PAN-008534
Permit Number: EPR/LP3131SW
Company: Simec Uskmouth Power Limited
Location: Uskmouth Power Station, West Nash Road, Nash, Newport, NP18 2BZ

Update 06/10/2021

In December 2019, Natural Resources Wales received an application from Simec Uskmouth Power Limited to vary its environmental permit, which was Duly Made following receipt of further information on 11/03/20.  Since then we have been completing a detailed technical assessment in order to determine the application.

On 06/10/21 we received a Direction from Welsh Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS, directing the Natural Resources Body for Wales [“NRW”] “to refer the application by Simec Uskmouth Power Limited – to vary an environmental permit in relation to Uskmouth Power station – to the Welsh Ministers for determination”.  This Direction was issued using powers granted to Welsh Ministers by Regulation 63(1) of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.

Following this Direction, our determination of the variation application has ceased with immediate effect, and the case will be determined by the Welsh Ministers. 

In this situation, Regulation 63(6) requires that Welsh Ministers direct Natural Resources Wales “as to whether to grant the application, and, if so, the conditions that are to be attached to the environmental permit”.  We will update this web page after such direction is received.

Where do I find further information on the application?

You can view the Direction letter from Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS, on our online public register, along with other available documents associated with the application.  The existing permit number is LP3131SW and the variation application number is PAN-008534.  These records do not however include any details of determination of the variation application by Welsh Ministers after 05/10/20.

Why can't I access documents from the online public register?

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