Work to help monitor river levels

Work starts next week to make sure Natural Resources Wales’ (NRW) river level monitoring on the river Conwy continues to be accurate.

NRW contractors will remove gravel which has built up near the river level monitoring point in Llanrwst.

Accurate river level readings are essential as they trigger NRW’s free flood warning service to local people.

Tim Owen, Hydrometry & Telemetry Team Leader for Natural Resources Wales said: “Due to the winter storms and more recent exceptional weather, large amounts of gravel have been carried downstream and have settled around Bont Fawr in Llanrwst. This needs to be removed to enable us to monitor river levels effectively. 

“While we can’t always prevent flooding from happening, accurate information about river levels is vital for NRW and other agencies to manage the risk of flooding as effectively as possible.

“The flood warning service is a key part of helping to keep communities safe by helping people be prepared for flooding.”

The gravel removal work will be done by NRW contractors, John Roberts Ffestiniog, and will take around 10 days to complete, weather permitting.

All works will be done in a way that minimises disturbance to natural habitats and wildlife.

Anyone concerned about flooding can check their flood risk and register for free flood warnings by calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or by visiting

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