Viridor applies to alter environmental permit

Natural Resources Wales has received an application from Viridor Waste Management Limited to alter its environmental permit for its energy from waste site currently under construction in Cardiff.

The application relates to a change in the design of the facility’s boiler, which will make sure the process of heating waste achieves maximum efficiency and uses the best available techniques.

It also requests small changes to the incineration process which will improve the facility’s environmental performance.

The proposed changes will not increase any of the strict emission limits in Viridor’s current environmental permit, which was granted by Natural Resources Wales’s predecessor in November 2010.

The permit was granted following an 18-month investigation and consultation into the proposed facility in Trident Park, Ocean Way, and the impact it would have on local people and the environment.

As part of its investigation, specialist health organisations were consulted and advised that the facility would not pose a significant risk to the heath of local residents or to the environment.

Natural Resources Wales will now hold a consultation on the proposed changes which will run until Friday 16 May.

A copy of the application and information on how to respond is available at:

Natural Resources Wales, External Relations Team, Rivers House, St. Mellons Business Park, Fortran Road, St. Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0EY.

Gareth O’Shea from Natural Resources Wales said:

“Following our previous in-depth investigation into Viridor’s planned operations, we will now thoroughly investigate the changes to make sure they will not alter the company’s ability to operate within the strict conditions we placed in the original permit.

“The changes may be small, but we will only allow a change to the company’s permit if we are sure it will not adversely impact on local people or the environment.

“If we decide to allow the change to the permit, and once the facility is operational, our officers will monitor operations at the site closely to make sure it operates to the highest environmental standards.”

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