Pollution incidents affect Ceredigion over Easter

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is investigating two pollution incidents in Ceredigion.

Officers were called to an incident near Lampeter on Monday night (2 April) when part of a slurry lagoon, containing liquid slurry and dirty water, collapsed.

However it appears that, following advice from NRW experts, most of the slurry was contained before it caused significant harm to the local environment.

At this stage no signs of dead fish or invertebrates have been found.

Sue Byrne, Ceredigion Team Leader, Natural Resources Wales said:

“Most of the slurry has been contained to the land, but our officers have been on site and taken samples from the nearby steam.

“The farmer quickly reported this incident to us which meant we were able to respond straight away and help prevent this from being a more serious incident."

NRW is also dealing with a pollution incident which affected a stream running into Dolau Beach, New Quay.

The incident was reported to NRW on Friday (30 March) and there have been reports of slurry spreading in the area.

The local authority closed the beach for public health reasons.

Sue continued:

“Our rivers and bathing waters provide a home to wildlife and are important to our local economy.

“We are very concerned by incidents like this and urge farmers and landowners to follow best practice guidance on storing and spreading manure and dirty water during the ongoing wet weather.

“If something does go wrong and slurry or manure has entered, or is at risk of entering a ditch, stream or river, farmers should report it immediately to our 24 hour incident line on 0300 065 3000.

“The sooner any problem is reported, the less damage it is likely to cause.”

The best practice guidance can be found in Chapter 5 of the Code of Good Agricultural Practice is available at https://gov.wales/code-good-agricultural-practice.

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