Investigation into illegal fishing in north Wales

Officers from Natural Resources Wales are investigating after a man was found committing possible fisheries offences on the River Elwy in Llanfair Talhaiarn near Abergele.

The officers spotted the individual yesterday (Thursday 31/10/2013) who appeared to be fishing on a fish pass near the centre of the village, which is strictly prohibited.

The 20-year old man from the Conwy area has been reported for the offences pending further enquiries by Natural Resources Wales.

A spokesperson for Natural Resources Wales said:

“There are rules in place that are there to protect important species like salmon and sewin. Stopping these fish from reaching their spawning grounds upstream can have an impact on future populations of these important species.

“They are not simply an integral part of our natural environment, but also play a role in the economy of this area attracting anglers to fish the fantastic rivers we have in north Wales.”

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