Essential repair works to Crindau flood bank

Engineers from Natural Resources Wales are beginning essential repair work to the old Crindau flood bank in Newport, after signs of damage appeared following last week’s high tides and stormy conditions.

The work will involve removing damaged parts of the outer bank along a 60 metre stretch and strengthening the core by filling it with clay.  

Specialist concrete products will then be used to line the outside of the bank to protect it.

The work will take approximately one week to complete and is being prioritised to protect local people ahead of further high tides expected next month.

It follows a recent project to replace much of the original flood banks which were no longer fit for purpose in protecting local people from flooding.

Craig Burdon, Operations Delivery Team Leader, Natural Resources Wales said:

“The high tides and stormy weather we experienced last week certainly put our new flood bank to the test, and I’m pleased to say that it stood up to the challenge and protected the local community from the sea.

“During the high tides, our staff were on site, monitoring the tides and the performance of our defences.

“After spotting a crack in a section of the older bank, we’re now taking swift action to undertake repairs to maintain the level of flood protect for people in Crindau for the future.”

People concerned about flooding in their area should contact Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or visit natural resources wales

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