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Mae gwefan Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru yn defnyddio cwcis. Drwy ddal ati i bori neu drwy glicio, “Parhau” byddwch yn cytuno i storio cwcis parti cyntaf a thrydydd partïon ar eich dyfais i wella’r broses o lywio’r safle, dadansoddi’r defnydd o’r safle, a chynorthwyo yn ein hymdrechion marchnata. Polisi cwcis.

Continuing to monitor a Newport wood recycling facility

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) continue to monitor a Newport wood recycling facility where action is being taken to try and tackle the ongoing incident.

South Wales Wood Recycling Ltd at Newport Docks had an estimated 20,000 tonnes of woodchip waste onsite awaiting recovery.  

Steve Morgan, Operations Manager at Natural Resources Wales said:

“Officers from Natural Resources Wales inspected the site again this morning (Wednesday 29 December) and the fire is under control, but not fully extinguished.

“The operator is moving unaffected waste out of the site to allow more space to tackle the remaining hot spots.”

“Work will start either at the end of this week or the beginning of next to fully extinguish the fire. This is likely to generate more smoke, but at a lower level than has previously been seen.

We predict that the work to extinguish the fire will take another 3-4 days.

NRW Environment Officers will continue to work with partners to assess the situation and start to establish what steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

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