Be safe, not sorry and check tank for leaks

As winter sets in and temperatures drop, Natural Resources Wales is reminding people who use oil to heat their homes and businesses to check their tanks for leaks.

Domestic heating oil can cause serious environmental damage if it leaks – it can kill plants, harm wildlife, pollute rivers and contaminate drinking water.

Emyr Jones, from Natural Resources Wales said:

“As well as causing environmental damage, homeowners will also be very aware of the cost of replacing lost oil, so it’s in their interest to make sure their tanks are in good working order.

“Cleaning up an oil spill can also be a costly business which could leave householders and businesses facing bills of more than £1,000.  We don’t want this to happen, which is why we are urging oil users to regularly check their storage facilities.

“If anyone is concerned about damage or a leak, they can contact our incident hotline on 0800 807060 and an officer will happily advise.”

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