Recreation Officer

Closing date: 24 October 2021 | Salary: £30,873 | Location: Resolven or Llandovery


Despite the current situation with regards COVID19 -  recruitment is still progressing and interviews will be undertaken by Microsoft Teams

Job Summary

Job Title

Recreation Officer

Post Number



5, £30,873 rising to £34,218 over four years


Resolven or Llandovery


South West Operations (Land and Assets)


South West Land Management Team 1

Reports to

Land Management Team Leader

Direct Reports


Welsh Language requirements

Essential Level 1 – able to pronounce Welsh and use basic phrases

Desirable Level 3 – Able to pronounce Welsh in some work situations

Please note if you do not meet the Welsh language requirements specified i.e. ability to understand basic phrases and ability to pronounce Welsh names correctly, then NRW offers a variety of learning options and staff support to help you meet these minimal requirements during the course of your employment with us.

Contract type

Fixed term appointment until the 31 March 2023.

Work pattern

37 Hours a week (Monday to Friday).


Application information

Application closing date

24 October 2021

Interview to take place on and where

To be confirmed, via Microsoft Teams.

To apply send your completed application form to

If you have any queries, contact

Job Context

The land management team helps ensure the land we manage and the Welsh Government Woodland Estate (WGWE) is safe so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from it.  The role will help manage our recreational sites which includes picnic sites, play areas, walking trails, mountain bike trails and public rights of way. This will be delivered by responding to complaints, routine inspections, maintenance work, procuring goods and services, managing and supervising contractors. The role will support the work of the Senior Land Management officers within the team to promote and manage these sites.

The role will be responsible for delivering a programme of site and trail inspections and subsequent management work to manage public safety and liability. The role will involve assisting our forestry operations teams to ensure that their tree harvesting and replanting work on or near to our recreation sites is done safely and members of the public are informed and managed appropriately. The role will also involve implementing NRW’s policy on unofficial/unauthorised mountain bike trails. You will need to have excellent communication skills to speak with and deal with queries from stakeholders and members of the public. You will also be required to liaise with landowners and our neighbours to help resolve any queries, concerns or disputes.

The candidate needs to be forward thinking, be able to use their own initiative and have experience of recreation management, have an understanding of forestry practices and experience of using GiS Software. These skills would be of benefit to the role, however these are not essential as training can be provided.

The role will sit in the South West Land Management Team currently comprising of 11 members of staff. The role will support the Senior Land Management Officers within the team that manage the recreational sites in the Llandovery and Resolven area and will co-ordinate the day to day recreation work to ensure all risk, liability, and recreation aspects are managed.

Other information relevant to the job:

On occasions the role will be required to work out of hours, and on weekends to help manage and monitor recreational activity and incidents on the land we manage. The role will also be required to support an out of hours standby rota

Applying for this post

The following competencies will be used to assess the quality of applications both at sift and interview. Please read the whole of the Role Description to ascertain at what level this information needs to be presented.

  • Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • Evaluation of Information
  • Decision Making Autonomy
  • Impact
  • Communications and Relationships with Others
  • Responsibility for Resources




Essential Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrable relevant experience gained in a number of environments or range of roles, with a good grasp and understanding of organisational policy and procedures.
  • Has previous project management/contract management experience in a technical field and able to undertake the full range of tasks associated with managing projects.
  • Able to evidence a good level of literacy, numeracy and communication skills.
  • Post holders will typically have experience of supervising others/contractors.
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and experience of health, safety and wellbeing as well as public safety and public liability. 

Evaluation of Information

  • Ability to understand and interpret technical procedure manuals and statutory codes used whilst undertaking the role. 
  • Able to produce business cases, reports, briefing notes and contracts, which will be signed off by others as part of agreed internal processes.

Decision Making and Autonomy Requirements

  • Ability to decide how best to achieve results, requiring objective judgment.
  • Able to alter priorities where there are conflicting demands or work activities.
  • The post holder will be required to make decisions of a technical nature based on the scope of work, with guidance from others if necessary.
  • Objectives and targets will be delivered in accordance with a governance procedure and will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • The post holder will be accountable to a Project Executive.
  • Able to apply prior knowledge to resolve problems based on known outcomes, with guidance from the Project Executive if required.
  • Has an understanding that the impact of their decisions will be wider than the immediate function or department and impact the environment and landscape over a long-term.


  • Demonstrates an understanding that their decisions and actions will influence others and that projects undertaken, may affect NRW’s reputation externally and impact members of the public.
  • Has an appreciation that decisions taken will have a lasting influence on the landscape with a short to medium term impact.
  • Able to take responsibility for the overall delivery and output of the range of projects, managed within a governance structure.
  • Health and safety considerations will be a feature of all projects and the impact of any risks will need to be identified and managed by the post holder.

Communication and Relationships with Others

  • Ability to interact and link with other roles across the business, fostering and maintaining good working relationships and networks to engage the organisation in delivering polices and work plans in the most efficient way. 
  • Effective communication and persuasive skills, which may include facilitating and presenting at internal or external meetings; giving advice and input as required. 
  • Able to manage relationships with a wide range of stakeholders and third parties involved in project delivery, which may involve a degree of influencing.
  • Ability to produce technical documents, reports, accounts, contracts etc., containing advice, guidance or opinion; which could have detrimental consequences and financial implications if incorrect or poorly drafted.
  • Able to source information and data from multiple locations, requiring external research and professional judgment to determine how the information should be interpreted.
  • Confidence to interact with people externally at all levels.
  • Whilst this is an external facing role; the work undertaken will impact externally and internally at a range of levels, depending on the nature of the project.

Responsibility for Resources

  • Responsible for the safe and legal use and keeping of specialised equipment used out in the field.
  • The post holder will have delegated budgetary responsibility which is likely to be part of a much larger budget and will have responsibility in relation to supply chain/procurement activity linked to contracts in line with procedures.


#TeamNRW Values

  • We are passionate about the natural environment of Wales
  • We care for each other and the people we work with
  • We act with integrity
  • We make a difference now and for the future
  • We are proud to serve the people of Wales​​​​​


Role Description

Job Purpose:

You will undertake delegated responsibility for the delivery of programmes, making technical decisions within at least one of the following disciplines. (dependant on the scale of geographic programmes)

1) Undertake the planning, implementation and management of forest and recreational facilities.

2) Conservation management, including technical decision making to implement the programmes of work, monitoring, reporting, and ensuring statutory compliance for designated sites.

In addition, ensuring to uphold legal liabilities of assets, implementation of work programmes, contract management and monitoring and contributing to reporting to international reporting mechanisms.

Key Job Accountabilities:

  • Implement team work plans, and delivery of agreed actions.
  • Participate in NRW technical/strategic groups or represent NRW on external forums.
  • Interact with peers in NRW to promote consistent industry and specialist subject best practice.
  • Responsibility for direct delivery of delegated programmes within agreed budgetary control, ensuring relevant compliance and adherence to procurement procedures, health and safety legislation and industry best practice.

Key Job Qualifications or Knowledge:

  1. Experience of working across a wide range of land management disciplines.
  2. Extensive knowledge and experience of designated sites, and all aspects of forest practise, including land liabilities, forest planning, forest operations, recreation asset management, including visitor centre management. (where relevant)
  3. Knowledge of sustainable forest management, UKWAS and forest certification schemes.
  4. Experience of community liaison and public engagement activities.

What you will do

You will provide project management expertise to the functions across NRW that are involved in the delivery of construction and other technical projects.

You will project manage a range of projects whose impact and complexity are at a low level and are responsible for overall delivery and output in line with the governance structure.

You will act as project/contract manager and manage or alter priorities in line with work needs.

You will make decisions of a technical nature around your area of work, but which may also cross over with the work of others.

You will produce briefing notes, business cases, reports and contracts etc based on evaluation of information in relation to projects for sign off and review by others.

You will refer to technical procedure manuals and relevant statutory codes in undertaking the work, undertaking analysis and interpreting requirements as necessary.

You will identify and manage health and safety considerations and risks in relation to all projects.

You will produce technical documents containing advice, guidance and opinion that others will use and act upon, undertaking research and applying judgment as required.

You will be responsible for the safe use and keeping of specialised equipment provided for the purposes of undertaking the role.

You will have delegated budgetary responsibility, which is likely to be part of a much larger budget and will have responsibility in relation to supply chain/procurement activity.

Who you will be working with

You will not have line management responsibility but will be responsible for co-ordinating and managing the work of others, including colleagues and external third parties, in relation to the projects that you manage.

You will interact with a range of people externally who may hold more senior or managerial roles.

You will facilitate and present at internal and external meetings providing input and advice as required.

You will be exposed to situations where the behaviour of others may be challenging, aggressive or emotional which will need to be managed appropriately.

Where you will be working

Your role will be primarily office based but may entail travel between different NRW locations, as well as working at partner organisations and other premises.

You will also work out in the field which will entail working at different sites and locations, requiring you to take relevant equipment with you.

What knowledge and skills you need

You will have a degree in a relevant subject, ideally a technical discipline, or have the equivalent level of knowledge.

You will have gained relevant experience in a range of roles or organisations and have developed a good understanding of the technical nature of the function as well as organisational policy and procedures.

You will have previous project management or contract management experience in a technical field and have the full range of skills associated with managing projects.

You will, ideally, have experience of supervising others.

You will have good literacy, numeracy and communication skills.

You will good inter-personal skills and the ability to develop and sustain good working relationships.

You will have previous financial management/budgetary experience or the skills and ability to manage a delegated budget.

You will have a high level of knowledge and experience of health, safety and well-being as well as public safety and public liability.

What other information is relevant to your job

You will realise your contribution by applying the principles of SMNR to your work; in how you think, plan and deliver activities.

You will be expected to work with teams and individuals from across NRW, sharing your expertise and insight to solve complex problems. You will support collaborative working with partners and sector organisations, focussing on shared priorities.

You are responsible for complying with the policies, procedures and processes that relate to your role.

You are responsible for ensuring that all financial transactions undertaken by yourself represent value for money and meet the requirements of the organisation.

NRW is a Category 1 responder under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004), and this means we have a duty to work with partners to prepare for and respond to emergencies and incidents covered by the Act.  All staff may be required to undertake activities, at a level commensurate with the skills and experience required by their role, to assist in ensuring this duty is undertaken.

This role description sets out a broad indication of the role, where it sits within the overall NRW structure and indicative expectations of the post holder. It is not intended to provide a detailed description of all tasks and activities. This document should be read in conjunction with the job specific Personal Development Plan which sets out the specific activities and projects to be delivered during the year.

Before applying for this role please read the candidate guidance

Natural Resources Wales embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunity. We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition. We welcome and encourage applications from groups currently underrepresented including women, black and ethnic minority groups and people with a disability and we have a guaranteed interview scheme for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria.

We are an employer of choice because we put the principles of human rights, equality, fairness, dignity and respect at the heart of our values.

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