Forest Operations Officer

Closing date: 16 August 2022 | Location: Mid North West (Aberystwyth) | Salary: £31,490-£34,902 (Grade 5)

Contract type: Permanent

Work pattern: 37 hours, Monday to Friday

Post number: 200471

As an organisation we support flexible working. This role allows hybrid working (a mix of home and office working) and a working pattern suitable for you can be discussed on appointment if you are successful.

You will be contracted to the nearest NRW office to your home, of which you will be required to attend for regular meetings, training and for one-to-one meetings with your manager. These will be planned in advance.

Job Description

This role is to enable the forest operations team to deliver its respective programmes by undertaking the delegated responsibility for the delivery of our operations. You will make technical decisions in the following disciplines:

  • Forest planning
  • Harvesting operations
  • Establishment operations
  • Small scale engineering operations
  • Consultation and public engagement around our operations

As a team we are responsible for the planning of operations and then delivering the subsequent harvesting and replanting contracts. This role will involve the planning of this work and the subsequent contract management of these sites and working with the wider team.

This is a great opportunity to work with a dynamic and experienced team. Furthermore, as an Officer you can significantly contribute towards the forest management in your area. This team primarily covers the NRW woodlands along the Mid North (West) area around Aberystwyth and surrounding areas.

If you would like to have a site visit to discuss the role as well as seeing the working environment, please contact us.

Must have full UK driving licence.


Your responsibilities include:

  • Support technical advice for specific sector or technical issues.
  • Implementation of teamwork plans, and delivery of agreed actions to contribute to business planning.
  • Participate in NRW technical or represent NRW on external forums as a technical representative.
  • Interact with peers in NRW to promote consistent industry and specialist subject practices.
  • Have responsibility for direct delivery of delegated programmes and agreed delegated budgetary control, including all relevant compliance and adhering to procurement process.
  • Incident Response requirements: Required to take part in incident response activities

Qualifications, experience and knowledge

Knowledge and experience of the following: 

  1. Experience of working across a wide range of land management disciplines.
  2. Knowledge of sustainable forest management, UKWAS and forest certification schemes.
  3. Experience of community liaison and public engagement activities.
  4. Knowledge and experience of designated sites, and all aspects of forest practise, including land liabilities, forest planning and forest operations.

Welsh language requirements:

Essential: Level 1 – Able to pronounce Welsh and use basic phrases

Please note if you do not meet the level 1 requirement i.e., ability to understand basic phrases and ability to pronounce Welsh names correctly, then NRW offers a variety of learning options and staff support to help you meet these minimal requirements during the course of your employment with us.


Applications to this role will be assessed based on the following competencies, both at shortlisting and interview. Please give examples of how you demonstrate these competencies when completing your application form.

Essential Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrable relevant experience gained in a number of environments or range of roles, with a good grasp and understanding of organisational policy and procedures.
  • Has previous project management/contract management experience in a technical field and able to undertake the full range of tasks associated with managing projects.
  • Able to evidence a good level of literacy, numeracy and communication skills.
  • Post holders will typically have experience of supervising others/contractors.
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and experience of health, safety and wellbeing as well as public safety and public liability.  

Evaluation of Information

  • Ability to understand and interpret technical procedure manuals and statutory codes used whilst undertaking the role.
  • Able to produce business cases, reports, briefing notes and contracts, which will be signed off by others as part of agreed internal processes.

Decision Making and Autonomy Requirements

  • Ability to decide how best to achieve results, requiring objective judgment.
  • Able to alter priorities where there are conflicting demands or work activities.
  • The post holder will be required to make decisions of a technical nature based on the scope of work, with guidance from others if necessary.
  • Objectives and targets will be delivered in accordance with a governance procedure and will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • The post holder will be accountable to a Project Executive.
  • Able to apply prior knowledge to resolve problems based on known outcomes, with guidance from the Project Executive if required.
  • Has an understanding that the impact of their decisions will be wider than the immediate function or department and impact the environment and landscape over a long-term.


  • Demonstrates an understanding that their decisions and actions will influence others and that projects undertaken, may affect NRW’s reputation externally and impact members of the public.
  • Has an appreciation that decisions taken will have a lasting influence on the landscape with a short to medium term impact.
  • Able to take responsibility for the overall delivery and output of the range of projects, managed within a governance structure.
  • Health and safety considerations will be a feature of all projects and the impact of any risks will need to be identified and managed by the post holder.

Communication and Relationships with Others

  • Ability to interact and link with other roles across the business, fostering and maintaining good working relationships and networks to engage the organisation in delivering polices and work plans in the most efficient way.
  • Effective communication and persuasive skills, which may include facilitating and presenting at internal or external meetings; giving advice and input as required.
  • Able to manage relationships with a wide range of stakeholders and third parties involved in project delivery, which may involve a degree of influencing.
  • Ability to produce technical documents, reports, accounts, contracts etc., containing advice, guidance or opinion; which could have detrimental consequences and financial implications if incorrect or poorly drafted.
  • Able to source information and data from multiple locations, requiring external research and professional judgment to determine how the information should be interpreted.
  • Confidence to interact with people externally at all levels.
  • Whilst this is an external facing role; the work undertaken will impact externally and internally at a range of levels, depending on the nature of the project.

Responsibility for Resources

  • Responsible for the safe and legal use and keeping of specialised equipment used out in the field.
  • The post holder will have delegated budgetary responsibility which is likely to be part of a much larger budget and will have responsibility in relation to supply chain/procurement activity linked to contracts in line with procedures.

Benefits of working for us

This role will offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Agile and flexible working (role dependent) 
  • Civil Service Pension Scheme offering employer contributions of 26.6% to 30.3%
  • 28 days annual leave, rising to 33 days
  • Generous leave entitlements for all your life needs
  • Health and wellbeing benefits and support
  • Weekly well-being hour to use as you choose

See full details for all the employee benefits you will receive. 

How to apply

Please send a completed application form to

Please read our Guidance on completing a job application form before submitting your application.

Application closing date: 16 August 2022

Interviews will take place via Microsoft Teams

If you have any queries about the role, please contact                       

Neil Muir or Josh Irvine


Natural Resources Wales embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunity. We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition.

We welcome and encourage applications from groups currently underrepresented, including women, black and ethnic minority groups and people with a disability. We have a guaranteed interview scheme for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria.

We put the principles of human rights, equality, fairness, dignity and respect at the heart of our values.

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