Specialist Marine Mammal Advisor

Closing date: 27 June 2022 | Salary: £35,994-£39,369 | Location: Flexible 


Job Summary

Job Title

Specialist Marine Mammal Advisor

Post Number



6, £35,994-£39,369



You will be contracted to the nearest NRW office to your home, of which you will be required to attend for regular meetings, training and for one-to-one meetings with your manager. These will be planned in advance.




Marine All Wales Advice Team

Reports to

James Moon, Marine All Wales Advice Team Leader

Direct Reports


Welsh Language requirements

Essential Level 1, able to pronounce Welsh and use basic phrases

Please note if you do not meet the Welsh language requirements specified i.e., ability to understand basic phrases and ability to pronounce Welsh names correctly, then NRW offers a variety of learning options and staff support to help you meet these minimal requirements during the course of your employment with us.

Contract type


Work pattern

37 hours


Application Information

Application closing date

27 June 2021

Interview to take place on and where

Date to be confirmed, via Microsoft Teams

To apply send your completed application form to


If you have any queries, contact

James Moon


Job Context

NRW is looking for an experienced marine mammal specialist to work in a team dealing with a multitude of different activities and developments in the marine and coastal environment.

As one of NRWs marine mammal advisors you will be responsible for providing expert advice on projects in the marine environment, this may include nationally significant infrastructure projects as well as smaller planning applications and marine licences.

We are looking for a highly experienced, enthusiastic and energetic professional to be part of a Wales wide team of Marine experts.

If this sounds like you – apply now!

Other information relevant to the job:

Incident Response requirements: Required to take part in incident response activities

Applying for this post

Please note, each role has specific competencies to assess the quality of applications both at sift and interview.  Please answer the competencies listed below when completing your application form.

  • Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • Evaluation of Information
  • Decision Making and Autonomy
  • Impact
  • Communications and Relationships with Others
  • Responsibility for Resources

Before applying for this role please read the candidate guidance


Essential Knowledge and Skills

  • Able to undertake practical or technical tasks or work, requiring specialist knowledge/ expertise.
  • Expert in a range of subjects relating to their specialism and able to act as the local expert or specialist lead for a small area, in an advisory capacity.
  • Demonstrates substantial experience and specialist knowledge in their field, with the ability to manage projects, including the project budget and team.
  • Possess analytical, influencing, persuading, supervisory and mentoring skills, together with project management skills. 

Evaluation of Information

  • Able to interpret the function’s operational delivery plans and understand their context in the wider NRW strategy. 
  • Able to interpret developments in their area of expertise, contributing to business planning and the design and delivery of team-work programmes.
  • Demonstrates the ability to analyse and interpret a wide range of complex information, extracting key points and able to communicate them to individuals at all levels and contribute to the development of policy.

Decision Making and Autonomy Requirements

  • Ability to lead and project manage specific areas of work, taking responsibility for managing project budgets and teams, and for the success and delivery of the project.
  • Able to decide how best to achieve results, with guidance from peers, requiring the need for some degree of judgment and creativity which may lead to changes in established procedures/ practice in the work area.
  • Post holders will be delivering often significant programmes of work, which may require the need to alter priorities due to conflicting demands.
  • Responsible for making independent decisions at an operational level, with input from line management and peers, together with an understanding of NRW policy and the range of options available and their potential implications for the business.
  • Understands the consequences of taking wrong decisions, which would have an adverse effect in relation to external stakeholders, such as partner organisations, lenders, service users etc.  
  • Decisions taken may concern a broad range of matters, the outcome of which may not always be immediately clear or apparent; and are likely to be wider than the immediate function or department.
  • Problems encountered may also relate to the work of other parts of the organisation and could be variable and diverse.


  • Working as a local expert / sector lead, the post holder’s input and influence will be at an operational level and have an impact both internally and externally.

Communication and Relationships with Others

  • Ability to interact and link with other roles across the business, fostering and maintaining good relationships and networks, engaging the organisation in delivering polices and work plans in the most efficient way. 
  • Communication with others will be at an operational level both internally and externally and will typically be specialist in nature. 
  • Able to act as an advisory or functional specialist, providing advice, which may be technical, specialist or detailed; tailoring the method, style and level of communication appropriately for the audience. 
  • Demonstrates effective communication and persuasive skills with the ability to lead projects, which may include facilitating and presenting at internal or external meetings, giving advice and input as required. 
  • Able to produce documents, reports, programs, contracts, with some complexity; containing advice, guidance or opinion; which would have detrimental consequences if incorrect or poorly drafted.
  • Ability to research and gather information and data from multiple locations or sources and apply professional judgment in how the information should be interpreted.

Responsibility for Resources

  • Will have a small budget for delivery of a specific project and/or responsibility for checking the validity of forms and documents as part of a process or procurement of goods and services.


Role Description



Job Purpose:

Senior member of a multi-disciplinary team providing technical expert marine advice on one or more specialism across marine and coastal natural resources, and associated factors as listed below, on an All-Wales basis:

  • Subtidal, intertidal and saltmarsh habitats and species.
  • Seabirds.
  • Marine mammals and reptiles.
  • Fish and fisheries.
  • Marine industries and energy.
  • Coastal and physical processes.
  • Water quality.
  • Pelagic environment and plankton.
  • Biosecurity and non-natives.

Providing this all-Wales operations specialist advice to both internal and external customers on the full breadth of marine casework.  This will often relate to complex, novel, sensitive and high-profile cases, including NSIPs and DNS. 

Key Job Accountabilities:

  • Provide specialist technical advice internally to directly inform NRW’s external casework responses, and also internal casework determination where NRW is the regulator, (for example, marine licenses). Internal advice will also directly inform NRW’s marine and coastal management functions.
  • Provide specialist technical advice externally to (a) developers and regulators at a local, regional and national level, (b) regional and national stakeholder fora and (c) expert witness role at inquiries as appropriate.
  • Analyse breadth of technical information and evidence relating to specialism, synthesising and interpreting to provide clear advice.
  • Lead on research and projects to develop specialist operational advice and associated evidence and manage related budgets.
  • Work collaboratively with the Operational Marine Area Advice and Management Team and Marine Monitoring, Assessment and Reporting Team, delivering some aspects of monitoring, analysis and reporting activities related to individual specialism.
  • Work closely with related EPP specialist advisors to inform the development of NRW’s strategic marine and coastal evidence programmes and identify operational specialist evidence and guidance needs.
  • Lead development of relevant casework guidance.
  • Provide specialist advice to relevant NRW Programme Boards and contribute to the delivery of NRW’s Marine Programme and Service Plan.
  • Marine Pollution incident preparedness and response as required.

Key Job Qualifications or Knowledge:

  1. Substantial experience in provision of specialist technical marine advice, at a regional or all-Wales level, in one or more of the required specialisms in the role.
  2. Strong analytical and research skills.
  3. Good project management, work planning and prioritisation skills.
  4. Ability to build positive, collaborative working relationships and networks. 
  5. Ability to communicate complex specialist advice and information clearly to multiple audiences. 

Natural Resources Wales embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunity. We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition. We welcome and encourage applications from groups currently underrepresented including women, black and ethnic minority groups and people with a disability and we have a guaranteed interview scheme for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria.

We are an employer of choice because we put the principles of human rights, equality, fairness, dignity and respect at the heart of our values.

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