Resilient communities grant funding

We have £2m of grant funding available to help individuals and organisations increase community participation with nature to build resilient communities.

The funding will help deliver projects that give people opportunities for:

  • improved mental and physical health
  • learning new skills
  • being part of safer communities
  • more access to nature
  • a better awareness of the impact of climate change
  • involvement in making decisions about their natural environment
  • participation in citizen science

This grant programme will contribute towards the current place-based resilient community related priorities identified in our Area Statements.

Project priorities

For your community, your project will need to address one or more of the opportunities or priorities described in the relevant:

What your Area Statement says about resilient communities

Themes relevant to building resilient communities for each region of Wales are:

If you can clearly evidence that your project is addressing multiple themes within an area statement, we'll consider your application favourably. 

Who can apply

  • Individuals
  • Public sector organisations
  • Registered charities
  • Universities, other higher education institutions and research institutes
  • Third sector organisations
  • Private sector organisations

Your project must be delivered in Wales. For any cross-border project proposals, we will consider only the Welsh element.

When you can apply

We're accepting applications from 27 June 2022.

You must apply before midday on 19 September 2022. 

How to apply

You'll need to ask us for a reference number to add to your grant application.

If you are applying for grant funding for more than one place, you'll need a separate reference number and to complete a separate application for each place.

We aim to give you a decision on your application by 31 October 2022.

How much you can apply for

You can apply for:

  • a minimum of £10k per project
  • a maximum £125k if the project is being delivered within one financial year
  • a maximum of £250k if your project is being delivered over two financial years - additional scoring weighting is given for projects that can deliver 50% of the project cost within the financial year 2022/2023

We can fund up to 100% of a project, however scoring will be weighted to proposals that have secured additional funding as well as community-led projects.

All projects must be completed by 31 January 2024. The last possible claim date is 31 March 2024. 

We will share the £2m funding equally across the seven areas of Wales described in our Area Statements: £1m in 2022/23 and £1m in 2023/24.

Activities your project will need to address

Your project will need to include one or more of the activities listed.

  • Less privileged communities can have less access to quality green spaces, live in areas of flood risk and high population density which may be adversely affected by climate change and poor air quality. The environment could be used as an asset to bring different communities together, tackle loneliness and exclusion and as a vehicle to develop skills
  • Bringing together people and their local environment could improve physical and mental health, confidence, self-esteem and help develop ‘green behaviours’
  • People's health and wellbeing could be enhanced through therapy and nature. Activities could be focused on tackling health inequalities
  • Nature-based solutions can help communities to feel safer and more secure. Activities could involve improving green space blighted by criminal activity
  • Increasing access to nature, especially where this need is built into future development planning
  • Raising awareness and understanding of climate impacts within communities can empower community involvement in decision making and action to tackle climate impact
  • Work to ensure communities feel a sense of connection and empowerment with their natural environment and have an active role over how it is managed and improved
  • Opportunities to engage with citizen science, learning and education so that communities have a better connection and greater understanding of their local environment and the benefits that a healthy environment can bring

Activities we cannot fund

We are not able to consider funding for projects which contain or focus on any of the following:

  • The funding of core activities of an organisation
  • On-going management or maintenance works
  • Work outside Wales
  • Funding commercial or profit-making activities
  • Maintenance costs on Public Rights of Way
  • Schemes where work has been completed or is underway
  • Personal study or the pursuit of individual academic or professional qualifications
  • Work within our statutory remit
  • Costs should exclude VAT unless you are not - and have no plans to be - VAT registered
  • To fund your organisation's own grant programme

Other permissions or consents

If you need permits, consents or any other type of permission from us, you will need to complete this in addition to this application for funding.  Ensure you build time for this into your grant project plan.

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