Information Charging Schedule

We aim to be as open and transparent as possible. This document details the charges that may be applied if you submit a request to access or re-use information that we hold

The schedule is split into 4 parts that encompass the legislative requirements and the guidelines set out in the Welsh Government Code of Practice on Access to Information

  • Requests for ‘access’ to information that Natural Resources Wales holds
  • Requests for ‘access’ to personal information under the Data Protection Act
  • Requests to ‘re-use’ Natural Resources Wales information
  • Disbursements

We have adopted the Welsh Government Code of Practice for ‘Access’ to Information for responding to requests for access to our information and an interim charging schedule for responding to requests to re-use our information that brings together the existing policies of the Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Agency and Forestry Commission for the first year of operation.

This decision has been taken to ensure that existing levels of customer service are maintained while we bring the functions and existing data supply agreements of the founding bodies into Natural Resources Wales.

Requests for access to information that Natural Resources Wales holds

There is no fee to view our information on our web site or at our premises.

There is no charge for any request that takes up to 2 ½ days to assess and respond

Where a request goes over 2½ days (this is equivalent to the £450 limit set in the freedom of Information Act) it may be refused or charged at the rate of £25 per hour and charges may be for the full cost of the request.

We will notify you immediately if your request attracts charges

We will not normally provide information where the time to assess, collate and respond to goes beyond 10 days.

Requests to re-use Natural Resources Wales information:

Non-Commercial Re-use

Requests for non-commercial re-use will be subject to the same charges that are applied to requests for to access Natural Resources Wales information (detailed above). 

Commercial Re-use

Most Natural Resources Wales data and information assets are freely available for re-use as open datasets. Requests for re-use of these datasets will be charged at the same rate as requests for access (outlined above).

For the few information assets that that have been assessed as appropriate for charging for commercial re-use, Natural Resources Wales will be adopting the Environment Agency charging rates for the first year of operation.

A summary of these data assets and their charges is available at (link).

Disbursements such as photocopying, postage and CDs

Natural Resources Wales will not normally charge for paper or CD copies of Natural Resources Wales material, but where large volumes are requested in these formats, disbursements may be charged at the following rates:

  • Print or photocopy: A3 or smaller 10p per sheet
  • Plotter Prints for Larger than A3: A1 £1 per copy; A0 £2 per copy
  • Postage: At the Post Office rate
  • Publications: At relevant cost as detailed in the publications list (link)

There will be no charge for disbursements that total less than £25.

Over £25, these charges may be applied. We will notify you immediately if your request attracts charges