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November 2016 Disclosure logs

Latest logs for the month

These have been released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and/or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Please note that the disclosure log does not list everything that has been released under the Access to Information Legislation. 

The criteria for disclosing responses include: 

  • A substantial public interest
  • Demonstration of internal procedures
  • Demonstration of how public money has been spent or information concerning resources

Some responses/supporting documents are particularly voluminous or are not held in an electronic format. Where practical, we have scanned the documents concerned and made them available online via our website. 

This lists all the significant information requests. All personal information, both about the requester and within the request, has been removed to safeguard privacy. 

However, in certain cases the volume of files involved makes this impractical and we are happy to provide the information requested in a hard copy format upon request. For information about how to access any such material please contact: 

In order to request copies of our response letters please write to quoting the ATI reference number 

Disclosures (Complete responses, redacted responses and details of information not held) for requests received in November 2016.

ATI Reference Summary of Request Legislation Information Released
ATI-11512a Financial details of the cost of the Kenfig dune scheme to Natural Resources Wales EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-10579b Details of pollution incidents and enforcement action at Upper Hill Farm relating to spreading of Animal By-Product namely 'gut waste' EIR (2004) Redacted response sent EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-11638a Information regarding regarding the disposal of waste and other material on this site and Brynllefeith Farm EIR (2004) Redacted response sent
ATI-11509a All correspondence and consultations (internal and external) relating the Carmarthenshire planning application E/34266 EIR (2004) Redacted response sent EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-11332a Documents relating to Wylfa Newydd Associated Development including risk assessments and monitoring reports EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
ATI-11436a Copies of the management documentation for Cefn Croes (SN810800) and Clocaenog Forest (SJ0110540) pertaining to any tree clearance that took place prior to the windfarms being installed. EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11534a Copies of all the method statements produced for all licence issued in the last 12 months dealing with long-eared and Natterer’s bats EIR (2004) Refusal sent
ATI-11596a Copies of the Wales Net Bylaws and Dee Net Limitation Order 2015 EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11507a Cost of reservoir team EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11510a Copy of Compliance Assessment reports relating to Site Serve Recycling and also the OPRA score calculations. EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11530a Correspondence relating Flood Defence work on the Afon Rowen EIR (2004) Part refused - Part information sent EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-11508a Cost of existing coastal defence maintenance each year in wales EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11639a Information regarding Llangollen Anglers and the Welsh Dee Partnership EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
ATI-11460a Request for information on Natural Resources Wales position on no noisy construction work which will take place during the harbour porpoise breeding season in the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon area EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11581a Information regarding the cost of construction and ongoing maintenance of the sea defences in Saundersfoot Bay, Pembrokeshire EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
ATI-11604a Please provide me with a copy of the 2015/16 Annual Report EIR (2004) Refusal sentEIR 12.4(d) In course of completion
ATI-07858c Documents relating to a meeting between NRW and Biomass UK No.2 Ltd EIR (2004) Redacted response sent EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-11065f Copies of all ecological reports and EPS checklists information all applicants requiring a consent for a felling licence EIR (2004) Redacted response sent EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-11065e Documents and correspondence relating to bat usage and bat survey for the felling application at Penywern EIR (2004) Redacted response sent EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-11320a Copies of permits FP3095ET and KP3790VF including details of any breaches of permits and any enforcement action EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11406a Deeds and correspondence regarding the bridge over River Elwy EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW
ATI-11370a Information on any prosecutions, cautions or enforcement notices since 2011 in relation to Atlantic Waste Management EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
ATI-11357a Organisational chart for fisheries and enforcement EIR (2004) Redacted response sent EIR 12.5(b) Course of justice, criminal proceedings
ATI-11450a Details of the communication of proposals for the mandatory “Catch and Release” of Migratory with the Directors of NRW EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11346a Copies of abstraction licences for two hydropower stations; WA/065/0015/003/V002 and 24/67/2/0011 EIR (2004) Redacted response sent
ATI-11427a Financial information regarding the 2012 Construction and Demolition Waste Survey EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11459a Copies of full open source radioactive permits for 9 sites across Wales EIR (2004) Part refused - Part information sent EIR 12.5(a) International relations, defence, national security, public safety EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-11483a Copy of a permit application for the Drefach, Ceredigion treatment works EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11328a Details of income from angling licences and income on enforcement work EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11333a Copies of assessments for Cae Gwyn SSSI EIR (2004) Complete response sent
ATI-11461a Details of prosecutions relating to Bryn Recycling EIR (2004) Information not found EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
ATI-11482a Information on prosecutions, enforcement notices or cautions relating to D I Evans CYF EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
ATI-11209a Information regarding NRW staff salary changes FOI (2000) Complete response sent
ATI-11331a Information on contractor and procurement information for Coed y Brenin FOI (2000) Part refused - Part information sent EIR 12.5(c) Intellectual property rights EIR 12.5(e) Commercial confidentiality EIR 13 / DPA

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