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May 2015 Disclosure logs

Latest logs for the month

These have been released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and/or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Please note that the disclosure log does not list everything that has been released under the Access to Information Legislation. 

The criteria for disclosing responses include: 

  • A substantial public interest
  • Demonstration of internal procedures
  • Demonstration of how public money has been spent or information concerning resources

Some responses/supporting documents are particularly voluminous or are not held in an electronic format. Where practical, we have scanned the documents concerned and made them available online via our website. 

This lists all the significant information requests. All personal information, both about the requester and within the request, has been removed to safeguard privacy. 

However, in certain cases the volume of files involved makes this impractical and we are happy to provide the information requested in a hard copy format upon request. For information about how to access any such material please contact: 

In order to request copies of our response letters please write to quoting the ATI reference number 

Disclosures (Complete responses, redacted responses and details of information not held) for requests received in May 2015.


ATI Reference Summary of Request Date Received Legislation Information Released Exemption Applied
ATI-07399a SSSI/SAC site - Cernydd Carmel - SA14 7SW 29-May-15 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-07204b copies of correspondence between Natural Resources Wales or its predecessors and Monsanto, Veolia, BP and Rhondda Cynon Taf regarding the costs of remediation work at Brofiscin quarry. 28-May-15 EIR (2004) Part refused - Part information sent  
EIR 13 / DPA  
ATI-07401a Documentation relating to Water Abstraction and Impoundment licences WPCC3031 & WPCC3032 28-May-15 EIR (2004) Redacted response sent 25-Jun-15
EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-07402a Contracts relating to the Cwmcarn Forest Drive 28-May-15 EIR (2004) Part refused - Part information sent  
EIR 12.5(e) Commercial confidentiality  
EIR 13 / DPA  
ATI-07388a Public register entries for Penaran and Duffryn Crwnon 27-May-15 EIR (2004) Redacted response sent  
EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-07345a Lancashire Fuels 4U 20-May-15 EIR (2004) Refusal sent  
EIR 12.5(b) Course of justice, criminal proceedings  
ATI-07360a Prosecution details 20-May-15 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-07329a Information relating to road traffic incident due to an oil spillage on the 5th November 2011 on Pen Y Maes road 19-May-15 EIR (2004) Redacted response sent 17-Jun-15
EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-07326a Any correspondence or documentation relating to the Law Commission’s review of legislation on wildlife and conservation covenants. 15-May-15 EIR (2004) Part refused - Part information sent  
EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information  
ATI-07315a Copy of Bullen's 2003 report relating to flooding in Ruthin area 12-May-15 EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW 10-Jun-15
EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
EIR 13 / DPA
ATI-06862b Please provide any results of audits relating to monitoring grants, felling permissions and/or Forest Design Plans applications. 11-May-15 EIR (2004) Part response sent - seeking further clarification  
EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information  
ATI-07323a Number of computers/laptops and how many are running Windows XP 11-May-15 EIR (2004) Complete response sent 09-Jun-15
ATI-07270a Would you be able to send me a copy of the inspection report for Pengam Partmart’s last site visit on 23rd September 2014? 07-May-15 EIR (2004) Complete response sent 05-Jun-15
ATI-07273a Legal advice relating to NRW's role in the Welsh planning system 07-May-15 EIR (2004) Refusal sent  
ATI-07282a RDF Export Data 07-May-15 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-07234a Please confirm whether the following Environment Agency Operational instructions regarding statutory consultation procedures have been updated or replaced with guidance specific to NRW 01-May-15 EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW  
EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information  
ATI-07249a Audit trail of how decisions relating to the licencing of the habitat work at Newborough 01-May-15 EIR (2004) Redacted response sent  
EIR 13 / DPA  
ATI-07250a Query relating to hydro power planning application 01-May-15 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  


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