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June 2018 Disclosure Logs

Latest logs for the month

These have been released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and/or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Please note that the disclosure log does not list everything that has been released under the Access to Information Legislation.

The criteria for disclosing responses include:

  • A substantial public interest
  • Demonstration of internal procedures
  • Demonstration of how public money has been spent or information concerning resources

Some responses/supporting documents are particularly voluminous or are not held in an electronic format. Where practical, we have scanned the documents concerned and made them available online via our website.

This lists all the significant information requests. All personal information, both about the requester and within the request, has been removed to safeguard privacy.

However, in certain cases the volume of files involved makes this impractical and we are happy to provide the information requested in a hard copy format upon request. For information about how to access any such material please contact:

In order to request copies of our response letters please write to quoting the ATI reference number

Disclosures (Complete responses, redacted responses and details of information not held) for requests completed in June 2018.

ATI Reference Summary of Request Legislation Information Released Exemption Applied
ATI-15117a Request for all information on meetings held between NRW and Countryside Alliance, BASC and The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust between 2016 and 26/04/2018. EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15080a Request for all documentation NRW holds relating to Barry Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15105a Request for all correspondence between NRW and Shared Regulatory Services (SRS) from 1st January 2018 until 28th April 2018 in relation to the Barry Energy Production Facility EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15318a Request for how long it takes NRW to respond to both FOI and EIR requests FOI (2000) Complete response sent  
ATI-15157a Request for any other documentation NRW holds relating the Barry Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG)t, not directly relating to the Barry Energy Production Facility EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15195a Request for all information NRW holds on the reshaping of land at Garth Isaf Farm, Wales  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14044b Request for all documents between NRW legacy organisations and Cefas in regards to released marine licences at Hinkley Point  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15235a Request for all NRW documents regarding fishery surveys carried out on Swinchiard Brook EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15238a Request a copy of all site visits and any test carried out by NRW in the past 2 years at the Sensient facility in Felinfach EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15207a Request for details NRW holds in regards to financing to tackle river pollution across Wales  EIR (2004) Part response sent - seeking further clarification  
ATI-15234a Request for all documents NRW gold relating to the Marine Licence application/consultation for the proposed Tidal Lagoon in Swansea Bay  EIR (2004) Part response sent - seeking further clarification  
ATI-15211a Request for all details regarding land management by NRW at the Gethin Woodland, Merthyr EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-14951b Request for all documentation on the procedures of issuing licences to ensure NRW meet their statutory obligations regarding Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15292a Request for a copy of a water abstraction impact assessment on Shad Populations project along the River Severn  EIR (2004) Information not held by NRW  
ATI-15262a Request for all information that led NRW to conclude that fuel for Barry Energy Production Facility should not be stored adjacent to the incinerator/energy plant EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15348a Request for all documentation in respect of application to alter an Ordinary Watercourse during the construction of Phase 1 Pleasant Height’s in Porth EIR (2004) Refused information not held (no pit) EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the information
ATI-15471a Request for details of NRW licenses granted to New Dovey Fishery Association to control numbers of cormorants and goosanders on the river Dyfi EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15372a Request for all documents NRW holds in regards to a marine licences issued on the 22 March 2018 for Hinkley Point EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15434a Request for all details NRW holds on permits held at the Trecatti landfill site in Dowlais EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15294a Request for all information NRW holds relating to the air quality at Port Talbot Steel works from January 2016 to present day EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15179a Request for all correspondence relating to complaints NRW and Vale of Glamorgan council received in regards to the Barry Energy Production Facility from July 2017 to 18th May 2018 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15429a Request for the Datix Common Classification System (CCS) incidents and Operational risk appraisal (OPRA) scores for cement sites across Wales for 2017 and 2016 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15263a Request for a copy of original  environmental permit application made by Paperback Collection and Recycling Limited on 23rd March 2018  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15416a Request for all documentation NRW holds on the Bryn Blaen Wind Farm/Jones Bros Ruthin Civil Engineering for Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plant EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-15336a Request to  be told how much land has the NRW lost through adverse possession in the last 5 years EIR (2004) Complete response sent  

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