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July 2017 Disclosure Logs

Latest logs for the month

These have been released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and/or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Please note that the disclosure log does not list everything that has been released under the Access to Information Legislation.

The criteria for disclosing responses include:

  • A substantial public interest
  • Demonstration of internal procedures
  • Demonstration of how public money has been spent or information concerning resources

Some responses/supporting documents are particularly voluminous or are not held in an electronic format. Where practical, we have scanned the documents concerned and made them available online via our website.

This lists all the significant information requests. All personal information, both about the requester and within the request, has been removed to safeguard privacy.

However, in certain cases the volume of files involved makes this impractical and we are happy to provide the information requested in a hard copy format upon request. For information about how to access any such material please contact:

In order to request copies of our response letters please write to quoting the ATI reference number

Disclosures (Complete responses, redacted responses and details of information not held) for requests completed in July 2017.

ATI Reference Summary of Request Legislation Information Released Exemption Applied
ATI-12532b Request for details on NRW investigation on pollution of the River Teifi on or about 17 December 2016 EIR (2004) Refusal sent EIR 12.4(a) We don't hold the informationEIR 12.5(b) Course of justice, criminal proceedings
ATI-13378a Request for details on NRW investigation on pollution of the River Teifi at Lampeter - 6 June 2017 EIR (2004) Refusal sent  EIR 12.5(b) Course of justice, criminal proceedings
ATI-13377a Request for details on NRW investigation on pollution of the River Tywi on or about 26 June 2017 EIR (2004) Refusal sent  EIR 12.5(b) Course of justice, criminal proceedings
ATI-13385a Request for NRW's civil engineering framework agreement in regards to procurement process with suppliers EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13415a Request for NRW annual generation checks for flow rate readings at Lake Elsi EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13337a Request for details on environmental Pollution Incidents in Haverfordwest EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13340a Request for recent registration documents and catch returns on the River Dee EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13303a Request for risk register and beard meeting papers on the Roath Mill Gardens Flood Prevention scheme EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13285a Request for a copy of the Deeds for the new bridge which is being built to replace the SWAB over the River Elwy in St Asaph EIR (2004) Refusal sent  EIR 12.4(d) In course of completion
ATI-13293a Request to know who  granted the abstraction licence and who carried out the impact assessment on Elsi Lake EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13252a Request for a copy of Channel View farm infrastructure report EIR (2004) Refusal sent  EIR 12.5(b) Course of justice, criminal proceedings
ATI-13322a Request for copies of all documents relating to position statements, policies and review of National Nature Reserves in the last five years EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13257a Request for a copy of NRW Aspects Register EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13241a Request for clarification on the relationship between NRW and Energy Island EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13242a Request for all documents relating to legal advice sought and received concerning the Bat Protocol in force for Building 45 (P6) at Rhydymwyn Valley EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13244a Request for copy of letter confirming visit regarding asbestos removal EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13253a Request for the Current site permit and any amendments made since August 2013 at the Llanddulas Landfill Site, Llanddulas Quarry, Colwyn Bay, Conwy LL22 8HP EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13366a Request for a copy of the assessment, advice and guidance given to Horizon Nuclear Power, Anglesey EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-12834d Request for details on the method statement for stem injection of trees at Newborough in 2012 EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-13188a Request for copies of the fridge returns data (A&B returns) for Q1 2017 for all fridge treatment facilities in Wales  EIR (2004) Complete response sent  
ATI-12703c Follow-up on complaint not upheld in regards to releasing evidence to support statement in article on Common Scoters EIR Appeal Complete response sent  
ATI-12993b Follow-up on complaint upheld in regards to a Flora and fauna surveys for Newborough forest EIR Appeal Complete response sent  
ATI-12987b Request for internal correspondence on the abstraction regime to be set at Afon Caseg / Afon Llafar hydro. Including any ecological or other environmental assessments relating to the project before 1995 and additionally correspondence between the applicant (including any agent) and the licensing authority of the time.  EIR Extension Part response sent - seeking further clarification  

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