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Get Involved

Area statements are about working together

Get involved with Area Statements

Natural resources provide us with essentials such as the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we inhabit.

The sustainable management of natural resources is about using our natural resources in a way and at a rate that increases the resilience of ecosystems and the benefits we receive from them.

Area Statements are designed to highlight the priorities, risks and opportunities for the sustainable management of natural resources that need to be addressed.

Area Statements require a new way of working. They rely on successful collaboration, which means NRW can’t do this without our partners and stakeholders. We want to work with you to make Wales more sustainable, more biodiverse and ensure these and other benefits can continue for future generations.

They are as much about a new way of working as they are about any final reports or papers that are produced. For this reason, we are emphasising the way we work with partners and stakeholders throughout the development of Area Statements.

How you can get involved?

If you are a national stakeholder or partner you can get in touch with about anything to do with Area Statements. For more local opportunities for involvement contact each of the seven places, as below:

If you would like to request a meeting with us, or have a meeting coming up that you would like to use to talk about Area Statements, please do let us know.

If you would like any further information or have a comment about the process, please get in touch.

For more information on what each of the seven “places” are up to, click below:

  • Marine
  • North East
  • North West
  • Mid
  • South West
  • South Central
  • South East

Applying a place-based approach to national priorities, challenges and opportunities

The place-based approach looks at national policy issues through the lens of place.

This is important as it can help us better integrate across policy areas in ways that can maximise benefits to people and the environment given the unique context and characteristics of that place. 

It is key to include national level stakeholders in the development of area statements, and we are using existing national stakeholder forums to focus engagement:

  • Wales Biodiversity Conference
  • Wales Water Management Forum
  • Wales Land Management Forum
  • Wales Environment Link
  • Wales Marine Action and Advisory Group
  • Wales Fisheries Forum
  • National Wales Access Forum

Keeping the national conversation channels open around what is happening with area statements will be really important, and in addition to existing national groups and forums, we will hold workshops to aid involvement from stakeholders who operate nationally. We will also continue to involve NRW staff with strategic Wales wide knowledge of the root causes of unsustainable management to help us identify opportunities that are relevant across the respective areas to address these shared challenges.

The Environment Act and NRW

The Environment Act (Wales) changed the focus of NRW and the work that we do, to ensure that the sustainable management of natural resources (SMNR) is at our heart, ensuring future generations inherit a better Wales.

The Act specifies three priorities:

  • Nature based solutions
  • Increasing renewable energy
  • Place-based approach

As a result, we are strengthening our focus on place-based working – ensuring we deliver benefits at a more local level and better understand local and regional challenges and opportunities.

In Wales there are three different Acts that work together to support the long-term sustainability of Wales’ natural and built environment. These are:

Find out more about how these pieces of legislation work together (PDF).

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