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What are environmental impact assessments?

The aim of an environmental impact assessment is to protect the environment. Applicants prepare the assessment, and set out any likely significant effects their proposed activity could have on the environment.

We use the information in the environmental impact assessment to help us decide whether applicants need a consent from us, for the proposed activity. This is called an ‘initial’ or ‘screening’, assessment decision.

For information on the full assessment process, look at our quick guide to environmental impact assessments.

Initial decisions on environmental impact assessments.

We must tell you our decision on whether proposals for certain forestry projects will significantly affect the environment.

Look at the table at the bottom of this page for our initial assessment decisions, from 3 December 2015 onwards.

Look at our historic environmental impact assessment decisions for decisions made before 3 December 2015.

You can see an applicant’s environmental impact assessment, and information on how we made our decision. Look at where to send comments and how to request documents below, for how to do this.

What happens if we decide a consent is needed?

If our initial assessment decision is that the applicant needs our consent to carry out the activity, they must:

  • apply for the relevant consent

  • send the supporting information we need to determine the application

The supporting information includes an environmental statement. This statement sets out what they will do to protect the environment, while carrying out the activity.

Environmental statements for comment

Applicants must advertise their consent application in local newspapers. We make environmental statements available below, so you can view and comment on them if you want to. We will consider all relevant comments before we make our decision.

You can comment on environmental statements for the following applications, until the date shown. The documents are also available at the bottom of this page.

Planting trees at Maes Mynachconsultation period ended

Environmental Statement Determination

Where an application for consent has been determined by us we must publish our decision. Our decision in relation to the projects submitted to us for our consent can be found below: The documents are also available at the bottom of this page.

Environmental Statement for Maes Mynachconsultation period ended

Our determination decision for Maes Mynach

Where to send comments and how to request documents.

If you want to see an environmental impact assessment, and information on how we made our initial decision, or comment on an environmental statement, write to us:

By email at:

By post, to: Permitting Team (Forestry), Natural Resources Wales, Maes y Ffynnon, Penrhosgarnedd, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2DW

Table of initial decisions

The table sets out our initial assessment decisions, from 3 December 2015 onwards.

Look at our historic environmental impact assessment decisions for decisions made before 3 December 2015.

Reference Project Type Property Name Applicant Grid reference Nearest Town Local Area Area (ha) Decision Date of Decision
16-17/EIA001 Afforestation Caeglas J Lonsdale SN562304 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire 21 Consent not required 24/05/2016
16-17/EIA002 Forest Road Blaenbrynych Natural Resources Wales SN949230 Brecon Powys 0.39 Consent not required 01/06/2016
16-17/EIA003 Forest Road Dyfi North Natural Resources Wales SH812136 Dolgellau Gwynedd 0.38 Consent not required 15/06/2016
16-17/EIA004 Afforestation Cefn Coch Tilhill SN735955 Machynlleth Ceredigion 142 Consent is required 31/05/2016
16-17/EIA005 Forest Road Pantperthog Natural Resources Wales SH735071 Machynlleth Gwynedd 0.69 Consent not required 22/06/2016
16-17/EIA006 Afforestation Ysgwydd Gwyn Uchaf Farm Hugh Wheeldon and Co SO121026 Bargoed Caerphilly 37.85 Decision pending  
16-17/EIA007 Afforestation Scotland Farm Tilhill SJ232574 Treuddyn Flintshire 17.9 Consent not required 16/06/2016
16-17/EIA008 Afforestation Land nr Llanwrtyd Wells Flintshire Woodlands SN874473 Llanwrtyd Wells Powys 86 Consent not required 28/06/2016
16-17/EIA009 Deforestation Bryn Dinas Carter Jonas SJ174245 Oswestry Powys 0.4 Consent not required 23/06/2016
16-17/EIA012 Afforestation Lofftwen Tilhill SN876467 Llanwrtyd Wells Powys 71 Consent not required 07/07/2016
15-16/EIA030 Forest Road Castell Nos, Maerdy Natural Resources Wales SN964002 Maerdy Rhondda Cynon Taf 1.27 Consent not required 03/12/2015
15-16/EIA031 Deforestation Voelas Charles Gittins SH864524 Pentrefoelas Conwy 2 Consent not required 14/12/2015
15-16/EIA060 Afforestation Fadfilltir Tilhill SH742363 Trawsfynydd Gwynedd 3.86 Consent is required 02/02/2016
15-16/EIA071 Afforestation Dolwen Farm Flintshire Woodlands SJ144337 Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Denbighshire 0.92 Consent not required 10/12/2015
15-16/EIA078 Afforestation Blaen Cleddau Neil Scott SN166323 Cardigan Pembrokeshire 0.35 Consent not required 27/01/2016
15-16/EIA079 Forest Road Pantperthog Natural Resources Wales SH734067 Machynlleth Gwynedd 0.18 Consent not required 16/12/2015
15-16/EIA082 Forest Road Benton South Natural Resources Wales SM996066 Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire 0.58 Consent not required 06/01/2016
15-16/EIA083 Afforestation Hafod yr Abad Tilhill SJ185489 Llandegla Denbighshire 75.5 Consent is required 14/03/2016
15-16/EIA085 Afforestation Onnen Fawr Tilhill SN639198 Trap Carmarthenshire 40 Consent not required 18/01/2016
15-16/EIA086 Afforestation Tyngarn A Baker SN777295 Llandovery Carmarthenshire 68 Consent not required 21/01/2016
15-16/EIA087 Afforestation Nanthir Andrew Bronwin and Co SO056780 Llandrindod Wells Powys 1.78 Consent not required 12/01/2016
15-16/EIA088 Forest Road Cefn Ystrad Ffin Forest Flintshire Woodlands SN793436 Rhandirmwyn Carmarthenshire 1.5 Consent not required 02/02/2016
15-16/EIA089 Forest Road Llanthony Natural Resources Wales SO294266 Abergavenny Monmouthshire 1.27 Consent not required 10/02/2016
15-16/EIA090 Afforestation Cyffin Tilhill SJ056129 Dolanog Powys 56.9 Consent not required 01/03/2016
15-16/EIA092 Deforestation Cwm Mynach K Jones SH682226 Bontddu Gwynedd 18.15 Consent not required 31/03/2016
15-16/EIA093 Forest Road Coed Beddick Tintern Natural Resources Wales SO525021 Monmouth Monmouthshire 0.7 Consent not required 01/07/2016
15-16/EIA094 Forest Road Llandogo Natural Resources Wales SO524030 Monmouth Monmouthshire 1.05 Consent not required 01/07/2016
15-16/EIA096 Afforestation Bryncethin Road J Lonsdale SN692124 Garnant Carmarthenshire 18.1 Consent not required 06/04/2016
15-16/EIA097 Forest Road Upper Hale Natural Resources Wales SO516010 Monmouth Monmouthshire 3.61 Consent not required 03/05/2016
15-16/EIA098 Forest Road Coed Beddick BLV Natural Resources Wales SO524019 Chepstow Monmouthshire 1 Consent not required 03/05/2016
15-16/EIA099 Forest Road Kemeys Inferior Natural Resources Wales ST397932 Newport   1.93 Consent not required 03/05/2016
15-16/EIA100 Forest Road Ninewells Natural Resources Wales SO514036 Monmouth Monmouthshire 0.8 Consent not required 03/05/2016
15-16/EIA101 Forest Road Wet Meadow Natural Resources Wales SO490065 Monmouth Monmouthshire 0.8 Consent not required 03/05/2016
15-16/EIA102 Forest Road St.Pierre BLV Natural Resources Wales ST499923 Chepstow Monmouthshire 0.8 Consent not required 03/05/2016
16-17/EIA010 Forest Road Cefn Ystrad Ffin Forest Flintshire Woodlands SN816483 Rhandirmwyn Carmarthenshire 1.8 Consent not required 11/07/2016
15-16/EIA095 Deforestation Arthog Bog R Evans SH635145 Arthog Gwynedd 3.25 Consent not required 04/08/2016
16-17/EIA016 Afforestation Allt Llainoleu Hugh Wheeldon and Co SN537316 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire 9.69 Consent not required 18/08/2016
16-17/EIA019 Afforestation Garthmyn Coed Cymru SH779663 Dolgarrog Conwy 40.0 Consent not required 18/08/2016
16-17/EIA021 Forest Road Hendrewallog Tilhill SH709066 Abergynolwyn Gwynedd 0.49 Consent not required 14/09/2016
16-17/EIA022 Deforestation Longwood Longwood Community Woodland SN607519 Lampeter Ceredigion 7.62 Consent not required 15/09/2016
16-17/EIA027 Afforestation Pantrhwch Hugh Wheeldon and Co SN5900554 Lampeter Ceredigion 6.77 Consent not required 15/09/2016
16-17/EIA028 Afforestation Blaenparsel Hugh Wheeldon ac Co SN322293 Newcastle Emlyn Carmarthenshire 0.73 Consent not required 16/09/2016
16-17/EIA017 Forest Road Clydach Vale Natural Resources Wales   Treorchy Rhondda Cynon Taf 1.69 Consent not required 20/09/2016
16-17/EIA014 Forest Road St Gwynno 3 Natural Resources Wales SS999976 Ferndale Rhondda Cynon Taf 1.54 Consent not required 22/09/2016
16-17/EIA026 Afforestation Coed y Foel Woodland Trust SN433429 Lampeter Ceredigion 17.61 Consent not required 27/09/2016
16-17/EIA025 Afforestation Tir yn Heol y Parc Woodland Trust SJ320553 Wrexham Wrexham 5.46 Consent not required 03/10/2016
16-17/EIA030 Quarry Taf Fechan Natural Resources Wales SO033165 Pontsticill Powys 1.63 Consent not required 10/10/2016
16-17/EIA032 Afforestation Bryniau Isaf 3 Tilhill SN588397 Lampeter Carmarthenshire 3.7 Consent not required 12/10/2016
16-17/EIA039 Afforestation Pencefn Drysol P Morgan SN681592 Tregaron Ceredigion 15.92 Consent not required 12/10/2016
16-17/EIA035 Deforestation Tata Steel Natural Resources Wales SJ295709 Shotton Flintshire 0.2 Consent not required 13/10/2016
16-17/EIA031 Afforestation Maesllwni D Jones SH790100 Machynlleth Powys 5.9 Consent not required 19/10/2016
16-17/EIA037 Afforestation Maes Mynach Phase 2 Pryor and Rickett Silviculture SN819435 Cynghordy Carmarthenshire 35 Consent is required 19/10/2016
16-17/EIA033 Afforestation Tyn y Berth Tilhill SO036797 Llandrindod Wells Powys 47.2 Consent is not required 24/10/2016
16-17/EIA020 Deforestation Mynydd March Hywel Hugh Wheeldon and Co SN760030 Neath Neath Port Talbot 22.93 Consent is required 01/11/2016
16-17/EIA038 Afforestation Jackstone Farm Pryor and Rickett Silviculture SO519110 Penallt Monmouthshire 2.52 Consent is not required 01/11/2016
16-17/EIA029 Afforestation Blaeneinion Coed Cymru Ltd SN719932 Machynlleth Powys 0.25 Consent is required 10/11/2016
16-17/EIA041 Afforestation Drws y Nant P Jackson SH307397 Nefyn Gwynedd 2.13 Consent is not required 10/11/2016
16-17/EIA040 Afforestation Croes Bleddyn Farm M Potter Abersenny Ltd ST489963 Itton Monmouthshire 2.187 Consent is not required 11/11/2016
16-17/EIA036 Deforestation Fauxdegla Shooting Ground Natural Resources Wales SJ218537 Wrexham Wrexham 0.6 Consent is not required 21/11/2016
16-17/EIA049 Deforestation Gop Wood P Davies SJ085801 Prestatyn Flintshire 0.53 Consent is not required 07/12/2016
16-17/EIA043 Deforestation Llennyrch Woodland Trust SH663381 Penrhyndeudraeth Gwynedd 25.25 Consent is not required 12/12/2016
16-17/EIA042 Deforestation Coed Y Brenin Natural Resources Wales SH739232 Dolgellau Gwynedd 0.072 Consent is not required 15/12/2016
16-17/EIA048 Afforestation Maes Mynach Phase 2 Pryor and Rickett Silviculture SN819432 Llandovery Carmarthenshire 21.0 Consent is required 09/01/2017
16-17/EIA045 Forest Road Trawscoed 1 A N Graham SH850330 Bala Gwynedd 0.46 Consent is not required 20/01/2017
16-17/EIA044 Forest Road Nant Prysor Forestry RSPB SH770385 Bala Gwynedd 0.204 Consent is not required 20/01/2017
16-17/EIA047 Afforestation Ddulley Bank Tilhill SO051816 Llandrindod Wells Powys 9.8 Consent is not required 25/01/2017
16-17/EIA052 Afforestation Moel y Plas Miller Land Management SJ171552 Llanarmon yn Ial Denbighshire 7.3 Consent is not required 15/02/2017
16-17/EIA058 Deforestation Gray Hill Common J R Waters ST439931 Caldicot Monmouthshire 50.0 Consent is required 09/03/2017
16-17/EIA060 Deforestation Marford Quarry NWWT SJ357562 Marford Wrexham 4.0 Consent is not required 22/03/2017
16-17/EIA061 Afforestation Cwmcringlyn Tilhill SO077726 Llandrindod Wells Powys 71.38 Consent is not required 03/04/2017
16-17/EIA063 Forest Road Disgwylfa Natural Resources Wales SN570336 Brechfa Carmarthenshire 3.74 Consent is not required 03/04/2017
16-17/EIA062 Forest Road Cwm Clyd Pryor & Rickett SN977584 Newbridge on Wye Powys 0.3 Consent is not required 05/04/2017
17-18/EIA002 Forest Road Ty Mawr Natural Resources Wales SH841137 Dolgellau Gwynedd 0.007 Consent is not required 25/04/2017
17-18/EIA006 Forest Road Glasfynydd Natural Resources Wales SN840246 Trecastle Powys 4.5 Consent is not required 03/05/2017
17-18/EIA001 Forest Road Myherin Natural Resources Wales SN792773 Cwmystwyth Ceredigion 0.34 Consent is not required 03/05/2017
17-18/EIA005 Forest Road Cwmgwrach Natural Resources Wales SO860045 Resolven Neath Port Talbot 2.11 Consent is not required 03/05/2017
17-18/EIA004 Forest Road Abergynolwyn Coupe 23077 Natural Resources Wales SH708050 Dolgellau Gwynedd 0.106 Consent is not required 08/05/2017
17-18/EIA009 Forest Road Mynydd Du Natural Resources Wales SO248285 Abergavenny Powys 0.56 Consent is not required 18/05/2017
17-18/EIA012 Afforestation Gwern y bustach I Mitchell SO282219 Abergavenny Powys 4.97 Consent is not required 23/05/2017
17-18/EIA011 Forest Road Treberfydd Natural Resources Wales SO132053 Llangorse Brecon Beacon National Park 1.03 Consent is not required 23/05/2017
17-18/EIA007 Afforestation Goetre Villa R Horsey SN580586 Lampeter Ceredigion 2.88 Consent is not required 26/05/2017
17-18/EIA016 Deforestation Blaen Llia Natural Resources Wales SN921155 Ystradfellte Brecon Beacon National Park 12.9 Consent is not required 31/05/2017
17-18/EIA013 Forest Quarry Bryn Crug Natural Resources Wales SH796485 Penmachno Snowdonia National Park 0.1 Consent is not required 01/06/2017
17-18/EIA017 Afforestation Nant Moch C Evans SN726205 Llangadog Carmarthenshire 1.0 Consent is not required 06/06/2017
17-18/EIA003 Forest Road Evans Bridge Natural Resources Wales SH755059 Ceinws Snowdonia National Park 0.99 Consent is not required 13/06/2017
17-18/EIA021 Forest Road Cabalva Farm Pryor & Rickett Silvilculture SO228454 Bronydd Powys 0.14 Consent is not required 18/07/2017
17-18/EIA019 Afforestation The Craig Jason Davies SO128625 Llandegley Powys 6.05 Consent is not required 19/07/2017
17-18/EIA034 Afforestation Coed Ty Calch H Davies SH394681 Llangefni Anglesey 3.1 Consent is not required 03/08/2017
17-18/EIA028 Forest Track Maesgwm Track Natural Resources Wales SH714281 Dolgellau Gwynedd 0.09 Consent is not required 07/08/2017
17-18/EIA031 Afforestation Area near Llangefni New Forest Energy Ltd SH357706 Llangefni Anglesey 2.15 Consent is not required 10/08/2017
17-18/EIA035 Afforestation Upper Froghall Farm S Higgon SM997238 Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire 27.54 Consent is not required 21/08/2017
17-18/EIA049 Afforestation Tir Barwn C Evans SJ089438 Corwen Denbighshire 2.25 Consent is not required 06/09/2017
17-18/EIA046 Forest Road Blackcliff/Wyncliff Natural Resources Wales ST533978 Chepstow Monmouth 0.585 Consent is not required 06/09/2017
16-17/EIA037 Afforestation Maes Mynach Phase 2 Pryor and Rickett Silviculture SN819435 Cynghordy Carmarthenshire 25.4 Scoping 31/05/2017
16-17/EIA037 Afforestation Maes Mynach Phase 2 Pryor and Rickett Silviculture SN819435 Cynghordy Carmarthenshire 25.4 Environmental Statement 11/08/2017
17-18/EIA047 Afforestation Glanrhydf E Biddulph SN659660 Bronant Ceredigion 17.41 Consent is not required 11/09/2017
17-18/EIA052 Afforestation Plas Llangwyfan D Roberts SH340710 Llangefni Anglesey 10.09 Consent is not required 11/09/2017
17-18/EIA060 Afforestation Tir Gardde H Griffiths SN411076 Kidwelly Carmarthenshire 1.76 Consent is not required 04/09/2017
17-18/EIA061 Deforestation Llangorse Lake Natural Resources Wales SO124269 Llangorse Powys 1.8 Consent is not required 03/10/2017
17-18/EIA063 Forest Road Pen y Lan A Humphreys ST350977 Monmouth Monmouthshire 0.2 Consent is not required 16/11/2017
17-18/EIA064 Afforestation Gwaelod y Gelli Tilhill Forestry SO197073 Blaina Blaenau Gwent 47.14 Consent is not required 03/10/2017
17-18/EIA066 Forest Road St Gwynno South Natural Resources Wales ST041963 Ynysybwl Rhondda Cynnon Taf 2.97 Consent is not required 31/10/2017
17-18/EIA069 Forest Road Myherin Forest Natural Resources Wales SN785775 Llangurig Powys 1.7 Consent is not required 15/11/2017
17-18/EIA079 Deforestation Rhos Talglas Natural Resources Wales SN553631 Aberystwyth Ceredigion 6.2 Consent is not required 24/11/2017
17-18/EIA080 Deforestation Rhos Bwlch y Rhandir Natural Resources Wales SN593733 Aberystwyth Ceredigion 0.9 Consent is not required 24/11/2017
17-18/EIA081 Deforestation Cymsymlog Natural Resources Wales SN699837 Aberystwyth Ceredigion 4.3 Consent is not required 24/11/2017
17-18/EIA082 Deforestation Coed a Gweunydd Gilfach-gwyddil Natural Resources Wales SN616614 Aberystwyth Ceredigion 3.8 Consent is not required 24/11/2017
17-18/EIA083 Deforestation Cae Ffos yr odyn Natural Resources Wales SN625635 Aberystwyth Ceredigion 0.6 Consent is not required 24/11/2017
17-18/EIA091 Afforestation Penllynin Farm A Love-Jones SN343217 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire 6.48 Consent is not required 30/11/2017
17-18/EIA090 Afforestation Mandinam Hugh Wheeldon & Co SN745274 Llandeilo Carmarthenshire 3.32 Consent is not required 04/12/2017
17-18/EIA085 Deforestation Plas Nantyr Estate P Kennaway SJ156372 Glynn ceiriog Wrexham 0.91 Consent is not required 05/12/2017
17-18/EIA088 Afforestation Bradnant T Vaughan SN964847 Llanidloes Powys 6.32 Consent is not required 07/12/2017
17-18/EIA086 Forest Quarry & Deforestation Crynant Main Natural Resources Wales SN774050 Crynant Neath Port Talbot 2.41 Consent is not required 07/12/2017
17-18/EIA100 Afforestation New House Farm Ms P Keen ST436987 Usk Monmouth 11.4 Consent is not required 09/01/2018
17-18/EIA097 Afforestation Great Llyn Gwyn Farm Mr M Lewis SO311186 Abergavenny Monmouthshire 12.1 Consent is not required 11/01/2018
17-18/EIA103 Afforestation Dolygarn Mr J Powell SO085801 Llandrindod Wells Powys 9.44 Consent is not required 15/01/2018
17-18/EIA112 Afforestation Llangwarren Estate N Gilbertson SM930312 Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire 5.54 Consent is not required 16/01/2018
17-18/EIA105 Afforestation Coed y Foel Hugh Wheeldon & Co SN431422 Llandysul Ceredigion 13.64 Consent is not required 17/01/2018
17-18/EIA106 Forest Road Ty Mawr Natural Resources Wales SH844117 Machynlleth Powys 0.26 Consent is not required 18/01/2018
17-18/EIA107 Afforestation Tir Barwn P Jackson SJ091439 Corwen Denbighshire 1.15 Consent is not required 18/01/2018
17-18/EIA111 Afforestation Glan Morfa G Davies SJ007803 Rhyl Denbighshire 5.0 Consent is not required 22/01/2018
17-18/EIA108 Afforestation Nant y Fuwch A Bronwin SN539289 Brechfa Carmarthenshire 19.86 Consent is not required 24/01/2018
17-18/EIA110 Afforestation Bon Faen E Gittins SH378674 Llangefni Anglesey 13.89 Consent is not required 25/01/2018
17-18/EIA115 Afforestation Pantpoeth Hill A Bronwin SN997816 Llanidloes Powys 13.64 Consent is not required 30/01/2018
17-18/EIA113 Afforestation Ty Fos P Jackson SJ025390 Llandrillo Denbighshire 5.27 Consent is not required 06/02/2018
17-18/EIA116 Afforestation Gwaelod y Gellli Tilhill SO196067 Blaina Blaenau Gwent 2.98 Consent is not required 07/02/2018
17-18/EIA123 Afforestation Bryngwyn,Cnwc,Tyddyn Bach,Treruffydd,Bwlan,Trerddol D Roberts SH336699 Llangefni Anglesey 23.31 Consent is not required 12/02/2018
17-18/EIA119 Afforestation Pencefn Dyscol B Lloyd SN680591,SN683586,SN690575,SN68257 Tregaron Ceredigion 14.14 Consent is not required 12/02/2018
17-18/EIA124 Afforestation The Desert T Bowie SH378663 Llangefni Anglesey 14.14 Consent is not required 14/02/2018
17-18/EIA137 Afforestation Llanover Estate A Bronwin & Co Ltd SO280100 Abergavenny Monmouthshire 35.02 Consent is not required 16/02/2018
17-18/EIA139 Afforestation Fishpool C Murray SO318960 Fishpool Powys 5.68 Consent is not required 19/02/2018
17-18/EIA140 Afforestation Moelogen Fawr Coed Cymru SH850620 Gwytherin Conwy 10.04 Consent is not required 21/02/2018
17-18/EIA138 Forest Road Graig Natural Resources Wales SO248166 Abergavenny Monmouthshire 0.068 Consent is not required 27/02/2018
17-18/EIA141 Forest Road Pen y Wern Red Rock Forestry SN999292 Brecon Powys 0.03 Consent is not required 06/03/2018
17-18/EIA143 Afforestation Cefn Pawl & Brynscolfa A Bronwin SO066703 Llandiloes Powys 28.95 Consent is not required 08/03/2018
17-18/EIA126 Forest Road Llangower Natural Resources Wales SH947320 Bala Conwy 0.5 Consent is not required 08/03/2018
17-18/EIA146 Forest Road Brechfa East Natural Resources Wales SN551396 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire 1.09 Consent is not required 08/03/2018
16-17/EIA037 Afforestation Maes Mynach Phase 2 Pryor and Rickett Silviculture SN819435 Cynghordy Carmarthenshire 25.4 Determination given - Project approved 28/2/2018

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