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When hazardous waste is moved to or from any location in Wales it needs to be accompanied by a hazardous waste consignment note. Template consignment notes are available below. The only exceptions are:-

The consignment note procedure is set out in the Hazardous Waste (Wales) Regulations 2005 as amended and must be followed by all the parties in the waste movement. The consignment note number to be completed in Part A1 of the note must follow the format set out below.

In Part B2 of the form the Standard industry Classification (SIC) for the process giving rise to the waste must be entered. For consignment note completion we will either accept SIC 2003 or SIC 2007.

If the consignment forms part of a multiple collection then details of that multiple round must be entered in Part C of each note by the carrier. The round number is common to each collection in the multiple round and can be made up of any 15 letters or numbers. The collection number is the sequential number of the collection so 1 for the first collection, 2 for the second collection and so on.

When the vehicle reaches the consignee the total number of consignments in forming the collection must be entered into relevant section in Part E of the form by the consignee.

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