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Environmental Permitting - How we work together

Public Participation Statement

Below is our public participation statement under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.

You may be interested in the public participation statement if you:

  • live near an existing or proposed regulated facility, perhaps as a member of a local community group
  • have a permit or want to apply for one
  • work for a branch of government, another regulator or other organisation with related responsibilities
  • are a member of a group or non-governmental organisation who may wish to participate in permitting decisions or be informed of them

The statement explains why and when Natural Resources Wales will consult, how we will consult and who with, and what you can do if you have concerns.

Working Together Agreements

We have Working Together Agreements with some organisations that help us in our decision-making process. These set out what applications they want to see and how they will respond.

Below are the Working Together Agreements we currently have in place.

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