Welsh Language Scheme

Welsh Language Scheme

This page details how we will provide our services to the public in both Welsh and English.

About our scheme

As a public body in Wales, we have a duty under the Welsh Language Act (1993) to prepare and implement a Welsh Language Scheme.

An equal basis

Our Welsh Language Scheme was approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner on 28 March 2013. It describes the ways by which the Welsh and English languages will be treated on an equal basis when we deliver services to the public and our own staff.

This scheme will remain in place until Natural Resources Wales becomes subject to Welsh Language Standards under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure of 2011.

Our vision for the Welsh language for the next five years includes the following key principles:

  • To work towards establishing Natural Resources Wales as a naturally bilingual organisation in all our workplaces when we provide services to the public, when we work with partners and in our internal administration
  • To encourage our workforce to take pride in the Welsh language. Natural Resources Wales is committed to establishing itself as a bilingual organisation
  • To steadily increase the proportion of staff at all levels who have the ability and confidence to speak and write Welsh, in order to fulfil the principles of this Scheme
  • To foster more Welsh-speaking specialists in the environmental and scientific areas of our work and, thus, to increase the use of Welsh in specialist areas
  • To proactively seek out opportunities to promote and develop the use of Welsh by working with partners and individuals throughout the environment sector and beyond, and to encourage good bilingual practice

Language Standards

This vision reflects the move towards adopting the forthcoming language Standards as well as the implementation of the Welsh Government’s strategy for a bilingual Wales.